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This happened in our (own) guild

The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year - Jan. Feb. 2022 - Illustration

The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year – January-February 2022

(28/02-2022) – With the new year, we agreed to discern some prizes: The most stupid ganker of the year from Warmane. But before we get there, we will take the gankers we killed in a one to three months period (depending on their activity level) and discern three prices: bronze, silver and gold. In January […]

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Sigalit and Lehiya – The Undaunted Blood-Elves

Sigalit, Nimrasil’s blood-elf paladin got it!


“It” is the Dungeons in Challenge Mode, with a medal of gold. The nine dungeons: Temple of the Jade Serpent, Mogu’shan Palace, Gate of the Setting Sun, Scarlet Monastry, Siege of Niuzao Temple, Stormstout Brewery, Shado Pan Monastry, Scarlet Halls and Scholomance exist in Challenge Mode.

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Hunt Down The Denoobs

I found a new expression that I am very proud of: a Denoob!

I guess you don’t know what that is, right?

Well, a Denoob is a Denigrating Noob. It is a player who, instead of enjoying the game, getting gears, pets, recipes or whatever can be fun, prefers to denigrate others. It might have a highly negative impact on players who aren’t sure of themselves and do their best to get geared.

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Good-Bye Blade’s Edge

When Nim and I first started to play WoW (roughly we started one week or two apart), Blade’s Edge was the server Blizzard was recommending to new players. I had originally Horde and Alliance there. After a while, I moved (or deleted) my Hordes from Blade’s Edge to Turalyon (for PvE) and Stormscale (for PvP).

Our alliances staid on Blade’s Edge and very quickly, we didn’t like this realm very much, but we had time to get some friends, there. Many were in : Doedancer, Lycyn, Luzerei and many others and we had a lot of fun together. Blade’s Edge became bearable to play.

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