3. PvP

PvP, yeah!

Warrior Dies-a-Lot

(07/05-2021) – I don’t remember how we met Stavrii the first time. I usually have characters in different cities where there is ganking (on Horde and on Alliance side, we hate gankers whatever faction they’re in), and I regularly log on to them to see how things are going. I believe it was under such …

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The Flying Toaster

(28/10-2020) – Everything started almost a year ago, the 14 of October 2019. Ashlaya was leveling Niphel, her Arcane Mage, who by this time was level 44. She was in Freewind Post, Thousand Needles, when this well geared Human Arms Warrior (36k), passed by and ganked her and everyone in the village. Now, if you …

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Yes, There CAN Be Epic Wintergrasp!

Once upon a time, Wintergrasp was THE place (sorry, forgot my French accent: ZE place), where there were epic fight.

Nowadays, it is rather empty. I still use Wintergrasp when I am gearing up, but i stop doing it when I am all honor geared. Then I don’t need honor points anymore, but conquest points, and there are no conquest points in Wintergrasp (or Tol Barad, for that matter). So I only use these two battleground while gearing up.

The Mosquito

I was with Mazal (my Blood-Elf rogue on Arathor) and after I got exalted with the Shado Pan, I went to the Isle of Thunder to do my daily PvP-quest-chain.

Everything went fine. I hardly met a soul.

On my way back, when I arrived in Horde’s camp, I saw an Alliance Death Knight fighting some of the guards. He had direction towards the Fel Reaver Robot (Made for War daily). As usual, I just stealthed and went all the way around to hand in my quest and not to disturb him.

Kevin Mokrosh

(01/07-2013) – In French, in WoW, there are “noobs”, and there are also a “Kevin.”

Because of the variety of American sitcoms in French television, there has been a wave of “Kevin”, “Brandon”, “Jack”, etc. When the video-games really became used, the smallest players were very young, and many got noticed because of their stupidity.

So a “Kevin”, in French, is a kind of noob. Pretty stupid and, very often, he will believe that he is better than others.