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When DK means “Dumb Knucklehead” - Haliiax - Illustration

Haliiax – When DK means “Dumb Knucklehead”

(25/02-2022) – Yesterday, I saw a very bizarre comment on our blog under a post talking about a horde ganker called Stavrii. It was written in almost unintelligible English (even Google translate can do much better) filled with weird abbreviations, no caps, no apostrophes, no punctuation. Just a weird long phrase. Definitely not Stavrii’s style. …

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(05/11-2021) – Let me start by saying that, of course, all gankers are pathetic. You have to be pathetic to use your time killing lowbies and not getting any honor for it. You must be pretty lonely if the height of your day is to kill a flight master who’ll respawn after five minutes or …

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