4. Daily WoW

Whatever happens in WoW that we think can interest others.

Danse Macabre

I had totally forgotten this little movie. Long time ago, I was working on Ka’luak reputation with Malka and came by this quest, that starts on a boat. You have to kill “sea dogs” (kind of zombies). This is in relation to a questchain that ends up with you helping a Reef Bull to a …

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She got it!

There is this real special mount in Stratholme. I know it sounds noobish, but I have played WoW in soon 2 years and I still didn’t know about it. Maybe because I am not so found of mounts? So when I heard people were farming the place just because of it, I checked it out …

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Officer Meeting

I had my first real officer meeting in <Godless> last night. It was scheduled after raid in Dalaran. It went quite alright in fact… Except from one single thing. Lycyn, sitting right beside me in the picture used a lot of time complaining. He had problems to concentrate, he said. No, not because of me! …

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Now the turn has come to Fendi, Nimrasil’s Death Knight, to turn 80. It took her a long time to do that, Nim didn’t like to play her Death Knight much, like it didn’t really attract her. But when she first started to level her up, it went pretty quick. So she could also boost …

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