Tauren Uprising

(12/04-2014) – This is an official appeal to all guild members by Meteron.

I have noticed an uprising Tauren hatred in the past few weeks. I have been personally discriminated as a burger, people were smacking their lips and talking of a MacTauren.

I cannot any longer indulge or stand this. I may seem strong outside by my heart is tender as minced meat. I have been crying in my cowshed and mooing to the gods to give me strength.

I officially declare my resistance to all Tauren haters. My horns stand firm against burger restaurants and burger consumers. I declare a new age of freedom for all Tauren.

We shall rise against the meat grinders that make our hearts sad and humiliate our calfs when going to the meadow to learn mowing the grass.

We are more than a source of fine meat or weenies. We are beings with a soul! Breathing and feeling like any other horde.

This is not some cowshit like someone asking who left the freezer open, the meat talked to me. This is serious!

I may be only one lovely cow now, but more will be inspired by the spice of my words.

I close my appeal with the words of a famous Tauren who said: How do you best serve a Tauren? Alive and kicking!

Thanks to all readers. I truly appreciate your taste in the right meat eeehm words.

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