Warriors are Redeemers

(05/02-2013) – It is no secret that I bought the guild <Warriors of the North> a long time ago.

When Nimrasil and I started on WoW, we were in a guild called <Bloodlust Eternal> (pretty much inactive, only two members today) and even though it was an okay guild back then, then there were too many things we didn’t like much.

For example: New member is coming in. We say “hello” and “welcome” and his first question would be: “How do I get tuff out of the bank?”.

Then, the guild master would promote him to a level so he could take “tuff” out of the bank, let him do it and eventually demote him a bit later.

We wanted something more social and fairer than that.

Then, there was this guy who announced he wanted to sell his guild, so Blackscorpyo, my Death Knight, bought it. The guild was <Warriors of the North> and I asked a game master if I could change the name. But it wasn’t possible back then.

Blizzard only changed the name of the guild if it was insulting or not an acceptable name… Which wasn’t the case.

But it is possible today, and the change of the name is free when you move the guild (otherwise, it costs 20 euros).

We wanted a name which still signals PvP interested players. At first, we wanted <Guardians>, but the name was taken, and we thought of the new name, <Redeemers> right after. So it became <Redeemers>.

Since the ranks of the guild were originally inspired by Aztec warriors (they were considered as warriors of the north) these have changed too and are now inspired of redeemers and liberation.

Next, I guess we will change the tabard.

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