Hunt Down The Denoobs

(07/08-2013) – I found a new expression that I am very proud of: a Denoob!

I guess you don’t know what that is, right?

Well, a Denoob is a Denigrating Noob. It is a player who, instead of enjoying the game, getting gears, pets, recipes or whatever can be fun, prefers to denigrate others. It might have a highly negative impact on players who aren’t sure of themselves and do their best to get geared.

Personally, I always have been defending the victims when I see (or read) some player harassing them. And that was needed not that long ago.

Imagine that there was such a Denoob in Tol Barad, on Steamwheedle Cartel (Alliance side) yesterday… well… Tuesday the 6th of August.

I was with my mage, Nathanaelle. She is almost full Malevolent and has a couple of PvE-engineer-gear which are pretty decent, and Nimrasil was here with her hunter… erh… Nimrasil. She isn’t fully Malevolent. She has some pieces but, it is obvious when you see her, that she is gearing… Which is the reason why we do Tol Barad. Not much point in doing this battleground if you are full tyrannical…

Tol Barad had just started and we were waiting for some Horde in Ironclad Garrison, and here, there was this Death Knight, Allices, who disdainfully said something like : “How can u come here without having good PvP gear” (or something like that, I am not very good at writing in Moronic).

Since there were only three at the moment at Tol Barad, it was quite obvious who was the target (a warlock, even worse geared than Nim, appeared a bit later).

Well… A quick look at the Denoob was more than enough to find out of what kind of guy he was:

He was fully Tyrannical geared, all right, and in all his gear there was not one single gem, not one single enchant, not one single reforge. Nothing, nothing, nothing! Just the basic Tyrannical gear.

Of course, Nim and I weren’t long at finding out and it took us a couple of minutes to shame and silence him.

He was obviously a beginner in the world of PvP, and was even more than a beginner at sarcasm (while we have a rating of 4800 each in sarcasm!).

Later on, I went to the armory to see a bit more (you can see his armory here). And there was a lot of fun: he managed somehow to get a rating of 1600 once upon a time, which gave him his gear. And now, his rating is of… 192.

He had seven match and won… erh… two of them.

Well… That’s a start!

If we go a bit further, we find his alt.

He has a druid too, called Firecans and, oh surprise, if you check this guy on armory, you will see the exact same thing: Fully Tyrannical geared, no enchants, no reforge, no gems and a very lousy arena rating (1 win out of 5 matches in 2v2 and 2 win out of 7 matches in 3v3). You can see the armory for yourself, here. Firecans has no professions at all and Allices has mining: 347/600 and jewelcrafting… 4/600.

Do I need to say more?

Here we have a guy who obviously got a paid arena-rating and gear from some place like arenaboost.com (no, I will not put a link to this kind of “services”) or something like that, and has not played much himself.

Instead of learning his class, getting gems, enchant and growing with the fights he just went to low level battlegrounds denigrating other players.

A warlock arrived, Sjeffen. I knew him a little because I met him in Tol Barad a couple of times. He was obviously also gearing up. His gear was even worse than Nim’s. He had an item level of 459, and no gems either (I wonder why people refuse to gem their gear? Weird!). No enchant either even though he has 600/600 in enchanting (com’on!).

Then, Allices challenged Sjeffen to duel… It went on for a few minutes and it was obvious that Allices didn’t know how to play his class (Death Knight). He was badly timed, didn’t used his defensive cool down when needed, but okay, since he was much, much better geared than the warlock, it didn’t matter that much. If the lock had been properly gemmed and enchanted, I am not so sure it would have gone this way. And of course, since he obviously wasn’t very experienced at PvP, he didn’t see the windows of opportunity that were offered to him several times and, in the 3 minutes we saw of the duel, he wasn’t able to take the badly geared warlock down.

Then we had to leave to Wintergrasp, so we didn’t see the end of the duel. I imagine he eventually got the lock, especially since they were in Ironclad Garrison, we had just “won” and the mobs would begin to appear and I imagine it would be difficult to survive for the lock when the mobs would appear. He was very mobile and by doing that, he will, of course, aggro a lot of them. So my guess is, that some mob got the lock.

So here, we have a Denoob, who doesn’t have a clue of the game, of gear, of arena, of PvP, of much of the game in fact, who is denigrating other players. A very boring kind of guy. If, instead of being the one we were, we would have been rather new players, or unsure, insecure or anything else, this would have given us a blow. Rather, to Nimrasil since she was the one targeted by the Denoob.

Now, we were on Steamwheedle Cartel, a RP-PvE realm. Because it is a Role Playing server, I don’t appreciate people who are not at least trying to construct complete sentences with words instead of different abbreviations and poor constructions.

And because it is a PvE realm, we haven’t seen Allices ganking low level players, as I am sure we would have seen on a PvP realm. Especially when we can see how he addresses players of the same faction…

My guess is, that if you meet him in one of the many losing-battleground he undoubtedly will be in, you will meet a rager.

Buying your way to gear is a very poor way to play. Having such a Denoob in your team, Tyrannical or not, is a sure way to lose. You will be better off with a real player in Crafted Dreadful or Contender who is doing his or her best and can play his class, than with someone too poor player to be able to earn his gear himself.

One thing is to cheat your way to gear, but at least they should have the decency not to bother real players.

Help making Azeroth a Denoob-free place: Participate in silencing the Denoobs.

Here are the picture of the screenshots of armory for the case it changes with time.

Allices’ Armory (08/07/2013)

Allices’ arena (08/07/2013)

Firecans’ armory (07/08/2013)

Firecans’ 2v2 arena (07/08/2013)

Firecans’ 3v3 arena

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