Hello there 🙂 We’re basically Scorpyo and Nimrasil.

We started on WoW and we had both a plenitude of characters.

You could find Scorpyo under names as Mazal, Gwennaelle, Silah, Malka, Blackscorpyo, Blackfate, Tsedeka, Nathanaelle and more (Scorps? Put them all here, please).

And Nimrasil was also known under names as Sindore, Taldore, Sigalit, Runathel, Tzori, Chaiah, and a lot more.

We had alliance and horde guilds.

Then we left WoW with Cataclysm, went a bit on Age of Conan, after that, Rift and then on a private server with Wrath of the Lich King (Molten, now known as Warmane). Then we went back to retail-WoW with Pandaria and staid a bit for Warlords of Draenor. Nice lore, wonderful music, few zones so leveling 11+ chars to 100 was painful and then… the only thing left was Facebook-game of garrisons. Bo-o-o-o-ring! Plus that Blizzard is selling gold, selling mounts, selling… In fact, the franchise is over 10 years old and they don’t care much about WoW anymore.They just want to milk the few players who still didn’t get the point.

So we went to Neverwinter for a short time (too buggy!) back to Warmane (ex-Molten) for a few months, and then to Dalaran-WoW (the private server with unexisting support) until we found Tera. We were on Tera for a while, in fact, a very nice game. We still plan to play it from time to time. We went back to WoW with Legion Which was okay.

We left half in BFA, too painful, too boring, too bad, too… everything.

We were on the Elders Scrolls Online for about six months and then we went back to Warmane.

We have our own guilds, alliance as well as horde. We play mostly Alliance at the moment but it is pretty new (a few months). We used to be mostly on horde but we went to Alliance on Icecrown just to do some things (kill a ganker who had switched faction), and then we found out that even though there were as many toxic people on Alliance side than on Horde side, there were many more nice players, which made a nice counter-balance.

So we moved many of our characters to Alliance. But we kept some on horde side to kill gankers. We hate gankers, whether they are horde or alliance.

As I wrote, we have our own guild, but we don’t recruit

This blog follows us through whatever game we are playing at the moment. It is not dedicated to any game in particular.

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  1. i am your doom

    if u dare, wait for your replies. btw the point is not to kill anyone, is to insecure the area

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