Danse Macabre

(03/09-2010) – I had totally forgotten this little movie.

Long time ago, I was working on Ka’luak reputation with Malka and came by this quest, that starts on a boat. You have to kill “sea dogs” (kind of zombies).

This is in relation to a questchain that ends up with you helping a Reef Bull to a Reef Cow.

After I killed the first Sea Dogs, the animation of their death kind of “looped” so they kept on dying. It started with a couple of them and in fact, this happened to all of them.

I could loot them, so no problems here.

It was a real funny bug.

That makes it the third real funny bug I found.

Just to help you recall, here are the 2 other situations in one movie: Bugs or not bugs?

Here is the Danse Macabre:


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