Now the turn has come to Fendi, Nimrasil’s Death Knight, to turn 80.

It took her a long time to do that, Nim didn’t like to play her Death Knight much, like it didn’t really attract her.

But when she first started to level her up, it went pretty quick.

So she could also boost my Warlock through Scarlet Monastry.

Death Knight are great for dungeon boosts and Fendi enjoyed it a lot, so she might have found a use for her Death Knight.

Fendi is a tailor (of course) and I think her role will stay as tailor, so Fendi will do the necessary dungeons to get recipes of wisp cloack and maybe do the rest of Northrend quests to get the special recipe but after that, I am not sure what Nim will use her Death Knight for.

Maybe a tank? What do you say, Nim?

Of course, after the achievement 80, Fendi went to Dalaran to do the (now) traditional “jumping around Dalaran”.

I only know I was first to do that with my first level 80 (BlackScorpyo, Death Knight) and since I have done that with every single one 🙂

And it like… became tradition for some to do it too. Nim does it, Taegra did it too… Well. It is fun to do and it is great to hit the big 8-o.

Only I was online at 2 AM monday 26th of july (night from sunday to monday) when Fendi hit 80 and in the middle of something, so I couldn’t even be with her when it happened and wasn’t with her when she was jumping in Dalagran.

After the jumping, she took a drink all alone in Legerdemain. Poor her. We’d better do something about it 🙂

Grats on your fourth level 80 Nim.

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