Officer Meeting

(29/07-2010) – I had my first real officer meeting in <Godless> last night.

It was scheduled after raid in Dalaran.

It went quite alright in fact… Except from one single thing.

Lycyn, sitting right beside me in the picture used a lot of time complaining. He had problems to concentrate, he said.

No, not because of me!

Because of something else…

If you look closely at the picture, you will notice that my pet is out.

It was the pinguin, Mister Chilly (I use an add on that pull a random pet out) and Mister Chilly found the great idea to stand on the benche and to stare intensivly at Lycyn all the time.

Lycyn had an idea to roast the bird! Poor thing!

Close up picture here (easier to understand why Lycyn had problems to concentrate!):


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