Another level 80

This time, it is my Death Knight on Steamwheedle Cartel (EU), that made it to level 80.

At 23:49 (realm time) the 29th. of august, in Bouldercrag (Storm Peaks).

This is my 9th. level 80.

The 26th. of October 2010, I will have played WoW for 2 years. I think I would like to level up one more to 80 by that time, so I have exactly 10 level 80. Nice round number.

Cartier, as she is called (she is Jewelcrafter, of course) has just joined a Role Playing Guild, Citizens of Lakeshire, and participate for the first time in a role playing.

That is a different way to play WoW and I am a real newbie in this kind of play.

On the plus side is that you are not supposed to use all these SMS-kind of expression, such as “m8” or “u” but are supposed to speak proper English.

On the minus side is that you are supposed to speak proper English and my understanding of “proper English” ain’t no understanding some others got of it, you see?

But I do my best to get into the role and it is fun.

I kind of passed the application test so that means either they are desperate or they have faith.

… I’ll opt for the second possibility.

Steamwheedle Cartel, at least on Alliance side, seems to have many immature players too. So you have the “anal” jokes and other immaturities too. That’s a real pity.

On the positive side: There seems to be less of this kind of people than on Blade’s Edge and you kind of have both ends of the maturity scale there. Either immature and ignored or real nice, polite, helpfull people.

So the positive side of the population really weigths up for the “normal moron” part of population that obviously can’t be avoided in this game.

I believe, if it keeps on going like that, that I will move my characters from Blade’s Edge to Steamwheedle. I think I will start with my shaman.

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