Warriors reopened

(08/09-2010) – After talking about all this thoroughly for quite a while, Nim and I decided to leave <Godless> and go back to our own <Warriors of the North>.

No hard feelings or anything, we still have a good relation to many of the members of <Godless>, but <Warriors> is more like us.

We have reopened for those who are interested, but we will keep it like it was before: A guild that might not be big (that in fact almost certainly never will become big), but with tight relation between members.

A guild in which maturity counts more than gearscore and where you can’t be too noobish not to be… But where you can be too impolite to be.

So the blog of <Warriors> has been reactivated too, this will be where we will keep on writing about the things in <Warriors>.

This blog will continue to exist, because we have chars other places and we do other things that doesn’t fit into the guild’s blog. So… Keep tuned.

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