Man Kills His Son in PvP, For His Own Good

PVP-Taunt.jpgEMAILWIRE.COM, July 22, 2010 ) Davenport, Iowa – The story is always the same, if you ask a neighbor they would say the stereotypical reply of, ‘I didn’t think he would do anything like that, he was a member of lions club and a boyscout troop leader.’ But there was a darker side to Iowa native Tom Palmer.

The shift in their relationship started when his son introduced him to online gaming, more specifically World of Warcraft. His son had been playing in a guild for years and was somewhat of a celebrity in certain circles of the warcraft world, having an uncanny ability to dual box in PvP.

Despite his best efforts Tom’s inexperience showed as he was owned over and over again in PvP playing with his son’s guild. This lead to Tom’s son disowning him online. Tom began to become obsessed and started playing in secret and looking for any wow tutorial he could get his hands on.

Some murders are an act of passion, when a person goes on tilt and is run by extreme emotions, but that was not the case here. There was a calculated and precise plan of action set in play with the ultimate goal of destruction being the driving force motivating the effort.

After investing thousands in experimental WoW hardware and cybernetik enhancements to speed his reaction time Tom became a freak of WoW nature. With what some called a telekinetic like ability to control up to 4 players at once he planned the demise of his son.

It was a hot July day 2010 when it happened, everything seemed normal in WoW land, but a dark shadow loomed over the PvP realm of Jaedenar. With precalculated precision the assault occurred, Tom’s son usually unable to be overtaken was completely overwhelmed. When the smoking A,S,D,F keys had cooled all that remained of Tom’s son was an insignia-less corpse able to respawn only at the spirit healer (source: emailwire.com).

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