(16/05-2021) – We are slowly climbing the ladder, but things are pretty difficult, we are very often matched up with guys full plate with no less than 35k or clothies with 29k or 32k. Making it difficult to climb for now. It’ll get better when we have better gear I guess.


(09/05-2021) – We were a bit in arena back at the end of Wrath of the Lich King-expansion. Nimrasil used her resto-druid (Laylael – Nightelf) and I was with my subtlety rogue, Silah (Nightelf as well – I like Nightelf for rogue because you have one free Vanish). Back then, we had fun, and that …

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Tera – How to get the raptor mount, Sparky

You get the raptor mount by having two different achievements:1) Tourist Trap.2) Monumental Effort. Tourist Trap Tourist-Trap (which gives you the yellow title “Travelling” upon achievement) is to visit different cities and get the “xxx-city-tourist” in those cities. Most of the time, it is done by staying on the platform and waiting for the achievement …

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