The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year – November 2023

The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year - November 2023(01/12-2023) – It is with mix feelings that we have noticed that more people are now defendig different cities, just like we do. It is mostly true in Lakeshire, Darkshire, Warsong Hold and Crossroads.

We are happy for that because then, people can quest and play without getting ganked, but we think it is a bit of a pity that we don’t get as much honor and that we have to hurry to get a piece of ganker.

But we definitely prefer that more people defend, of course. That’s very nice and positive.

My impression is that there are a bit more less ganking at the moment, but of course, there are still stupid gankers around (nice for us).

Here are the gankers that we killed last month. The number between parenthesis is the number of time we killed the ganker since last spring for some, and all in all for others (my add-on was messed up when I played retail). It is not the number of time the ganker was killed in last month only.

Here are the names of the gankers that we killed in November 2023:

Alliance: Adiosamigos (1), Bianquee (13), Coparogue (1), Feinthz (2), Gankerr (2), Gankncamp (1), Ispas (1), Klukpuk (2), Matatauren (1), Milaska (3), Moogli (40), Nadejda (1), Rasputtia (5), Tupactv (2), Whyrunnin (7).

Horde: Aleykumsalam (1), Angryareyou (2), Baxtab (28), Bioboy (4), Biseroth (7), Calliari (4), Corpselord (2), Corvelton (9), Daniya (1), Facanobuchoo (3), Freakest (4), Keepal (4), Niikkol (11), Raiczu (6), Sksdeath (1), Spiriits (15), Squeespleen (33), Steakout (18), Tigresaavip (15), Unityrob (4), Xxwwxxww (21).

The most stupid ganker of the year

Third place – Bronze

Third place goes to Steakout. He is still trying to gank Valiance Keep. Okay, he is from time to time able to kill some low level before we can get to him, but he has fallen to my fire mage several times.

He tried many times to kill her. Wasn’t able to do that even once but gave me a lot of honor and he still tries from time to time… With same result.

He is a very slow learner and that is fine since he keeps giving a lot of honor.

Second place – Silver

The second place is going to Spiriits, a level 80 blood elf paladin with an IQ not higher than the level of his toon.

He showed up in Lakeshire and was ganking, so I chain-killed him. I’ve killed him with almost all the classes I have there: my rogue, my paladin, my priest. I think the only one unable to kill this noob is my lvl 19 twink.

Then, he banded up with Niikkol, a blood elf death knight. Then we went 2 vs. 2 and they lost of course. So they got 3 vs us 2 (Spiriits, Tigresaavip and Niikkol). And they lost again.

Spiriits, like a chicken ganker that he is, even at 3 vs. 2, when he saw things were getting hot, he just ran away and let his two friends who came to help him getting killed by us.

Tigresaavip was the first one to give up. I’m still keeping an eye on him, but I haven’t seen him for a while.

Then, he only ganked together with his boyfriend: Niikkol. So I took them on both with my paladin 2 vs. 1. I did it twice.

I haven’t seen Niikkol there since this day (not even online actually).

I have killed Spiriits alone a couple of time since and I haven’t seen him in a while either.

Honorable mentions

Keepal – He is a rogue ganking Lakeshire but he is so afraid of getting killed by other level 80s since he sucks at PvP, so he groups with one of his alts standing in a dungeon and then transport there when things get hot.

Niikkol – He is this death knight who only fights when he is with his friends (for example Spiriits as mentioned higher up). But in 1v1, the problem is not to kill him, but to catch him. You will note in the video of Spiriits higher up, that I already killed Niikkol with my paladin (chatbox).

Xxwwxxww – A stupid rogue trying to gank Lakeshire and very easy to kill. He can be oneshotted (twoshotted at most). Very funny and gives extra honor. He tried to help Spiriits a couple of time but it didn’t end well (neither for him nor for Spiriits).

Bianquee – A stupid shadowpriest who is regularly ganking Crossroads and get killed by any lvl 80 horde around. Totally dumb.

First Place – Gold

Squeespleen is an undead warrior trying to gank Lakeshire. Since he sucks, he has gone over to the stage where killing the flightmaster or a low level before he gets killed is his victory.

He is blocked at the phase 3 of my article about what is a ganker (Life and Death of a ganker) :

The alternative last phase is when they rez, just to kill the flight master (who respawns after 3 minutes, so who cares?) or some NPC or low level before we can kill him. If he runs away from us so we can’t kill him, chances are high that he would log off. He won! Hooray! I could kill a lvl 30 (or the flight master) before they could kill me.

Some can really go in a spin with that, for example, Dirtyhippie in Crossroads. He had to be killed 60 times in a row and all in all, way over 100 times before he understood.

So he was there and logged on an alliance low level trying to taunt us and trying to be superior when in fact, he was totally following the pattern of the standard ganker without interest.

Since he is such a good representant of the idiotic gankers, I think the gold medal should go to him for this month.

Next month would be the last one for 2023. Don’t miss it and don’t miss the election of the most stupid ganker of the all year 2023 grand finale on January 1st. (Scorpyo)

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