The Most Stupid Ganker of 2023 – June, July, August 2023

The Most Stupid Ganker of 2023 - June, July, August 2023(09/09-2023) – Gankers never rest… unless they get our flag up their ass enough time, and even then, some are so dumb that they keep on going getting killed. Thanks to gankers, I could get several warmounts and even gems that gives a good price in AH. Thanks, guys!

But the most enjoyable part is still to kill them and flag them.

Now, the problem is that I played retail WoW, and especially WOTLK-classic. And even though WoW-Classic and Warmane are on different hard drive, Classic messed up my add-ons, my key bindings and everything. So when I came back, I had a lot of work to do to get my add-ons to work.

Because of that, I have lost all statistics and I have to start from scratch (even some statistics when I started up on Warmane again are gone), so we will have to wait a bit before we get to the nice big stats we had at the end of last year.

The messed up key bindings costed my life several times in WPvP, but this has been solved last month, so everything is back to normal.

Now, let’s start to see the nominated. Like always, the number between parenthesis is not the number of time the ganker was killed in this period. It is how many times I killed him in total (well, except the fact that we start from fresh, but you get the point).

Alliance: Aerho (1), Almemontira (2), Animefeet (2), Balgade (1), Baphomethc (1), Bossod (1), Corber (12), Dankstorm (6), Dearhr (1), Deathbelief (1), Deyrra (5), Discoelysium, Djangoze (1), Fantta (24), Findiir (1), Hexius (1), Karunins (1), Kohampolicje (1), Leightx (1), Lightsouls (3), Lyndzey (3), Maxbet (1), Moogli (24), Notforu, Olegsis (7), Olexis (5), Restoran (2), Saaladin (5), Ticol (1), Toiletpaper (2), Uglyhuman (1), Voroshilow (1), Witbaas (1), Xumpuu (3).

Horde: Abervorsicht (5), Analkaral (4), Angryareyou (1), Azzas (1), Calcyum, Calliari (3), Capn (2), Carlinhodk (3), Creddo (5), Combateo (2), Daddyissues (2), Desastrado (1), Doomfisting (3), Doypinga (6), Drocha (2), Dutabluz (7), Emirates (4), Exodum (2), Flowerly (2), Fookhunt (1), Foolishness (2), Gankhiskhan (2), Grondua (3), Hagran (1), Hammanz (1), Hemingway (2), Hexia (1), Horsepowerr (1), Imrellich (4), Khagnomahr (2), Klytaimestra (3), Koleno (2), Kuubuus (2), Martiis (3), Metaljacket (12), Molekin (4), Navyngrl (2), Necropimp (5), Orane (1), Personaje (5), Petulancia (2), Plateadow (3), Poxan (2), Punisheerr (4), Ragael (9), Randallo (1), Sathryus (1), Skeret (1), Steakout (11), Stolety (1), Tepopuct (2), Thaiboomboom (1), Tryhardao (5), Xxwwxxww (5), Yonda (2), Yourdeathhah (7), Yvenoul (2).

Let’s start as usual with the third place. Bronze medal.



Third place – Bronze

Third place goes to Corber. A gnome rogue who is regularly coming to Crossroads or to Freewind Post… Just to get killed. I have never lost one fight against him. He is supposedly Knight-Champion (more than 7,000 honorable kills). My guess is that he kills lower level players who can give honor (lvl 72-79) because I really don’t see how such a noob can get up to so many kills. Or maybe he just goes in a lot of battlegrounds while my spies are not online (I’ve never seen him in one, never met him in one).

Anyway: Corber-noob is getting a fine bronze medal because he is so bad, that he can’t even get a first place at being bad.


Second Place – Silver

The second place goes to Daddyissues. First because of the stupid name which definitely confirm that this guy has issues.

Second, because he tries to gank no matter what and even tries to cheat.

Since he lays down every time, he gets a lvl 80 on his back, he tries to avoid it. For example, by being on the roof of the inn in Darkshire with his mage.

And from the roof, he kills low levels while mock other level 80’s by calling them “chicken”.

But he forgot rogues can shadowstep… And that it doesn’t help to be “shadow-unsteapable” by being in the middle of the roof if your mirror images are!




Before we go on to the first place, let’s have some honorable mentions.

Honorable mentions

Olexis: Good old Olegsis/Olexis/Olestraza, whatever reminds about HIS beautiful, wonderful name. He’s coming regularly in Thousand Needles and gets killed. He usually tries to run to the inn and log off when it smells bad so the trick is to get him down before he can run away. And because he runs away much better than he fights, it can be difficult.

Emirates: He is coming regularly to Lakeshire just to get kills. I don’t really get these guys and how he thinks it is fun, but he must be bored, I guess.

Personaje: A blood elf paladin who is surprisingly very easy to kill whether he ganks Lakeshire or Darkshire (he is mostly in Darkshire). It seems you can buy gear on Warmane, but you can’t buy skills. And he doesn’t have any.

Steakout: I was very surprised when I gathered the stats for this article to find out that I already killed this ganker while leveling. I was level 78, and he was level 80 and tried to gank me, but it didn’t work out very well for him. Now, he is ganking in Valiance Keep, in Borean Tundra, and the best he has done was to run away from me. Otherwise, he’s an easy kill. You can’t really be good at PvP by killing lower levels. This explains that.

And now, let’s go to number one, gold!

First place – Gold

I believe I won’t surprise you much when I say that Moogli Braindead gets gold for this period.

He is as bad as ever. As stupid as ever. As retarded as ever.

He is regularly ganking in Borean Tundra now. And he was ganking a while in Warsong Hold. But guess what? I have a rogue there too! Tsirah. So she took care of him. He still does, but more rarely and not that long.

Then, because he got killed there too often, he tried again to gank in Freewind Post. But this time, not alone! He got help from two other noobs that I killed several times: Bebsiicle-retarded and Fantta-the-Dork. But that didn’t help him much. Even though the two dummies were a few meters from me, I killed Moogli and run away before the two “master-races” understood what was going on.

After that, it is just about to kill Moogli Braindead again and again and to plant my flag. See it all for yourself here:

That’s all for now, folks. See you later for more news. (Scorpyo)

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