The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year – January – February 2024

The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year - January - February 2024(09/03-2024) – The first couple of months of the new year have passed by. Ganking was a bit quiet at first, but then, some new gankers came and some old came back. Maybe because Warmane took back people who were originally banned?

So now has the time come to start a new batch of the Most Stupid Ganker of the Year for 2024.

First, let’s see who we are talking about. The number between parenthesis is the number of time the ganker has been killed in all. Not only in this period of time.

Some of them are from the beginning of this month, sorry for the mess up in statistic.

Alliance: Ambushera (3), Arfin (2), Bbqsix (12), Daddyslaps (3), Dankstorm (13), Epichasse (2), Gankncamp (2), Hadiamine (10), Kohampolicje (5), Marxbabacka (2), Moogli (30), Orochix (2), Qaddafi (1), Quebraferro, Sermana (12), Sickkvntt (5), Siviticu (18), Stealthfu (1), Symory (1), Teldren (5).

Horde: Abuulddon (2), Anus (1), Atok (3), Batabzak (3), Baroo (1), Bioboy (8), Bioboyy (5), Bluedragon (1), Deduvaevale (1), Digdins (1), Elpina (1), Elvenganzas (1), Fatallity (1), Fisheflop (1), Foolishness (7), Freakest (9), Gervant (6), Grombo (2), Itsbeecharka (3), Kaspur (2), Keepal (8), Kekw (3), Krygmusha (2), Kspree (3), Kurdebalans (2), Linnh (1), Milfona (5), Nataliasap (3), Nyuxi (3), Princkeltas (2), Rotk (3), Savelie (1), Sectorb (2), Spiriits (16), Sorbresa (2), Squeespleen (53), Tiovanio (5), Unclelidl (2), Wildrage (11), Youngmad (1), Zucc (7).


The most stupid ganker of the year

Bronze – Third Place

At the third place, we have good old Moogli. He can’t get gold again nor can he get silver because he is still the same. Nothing new. He tries to gank, he laughs at me, he dies, gets the flag up his ass. He rezz, he makes chicken, he dies, he gets the flag up his ass.

I have played a bit killing him with other classes than my rogue, so my paladin killed him, my warlock killed him, my shadowpriest killed him… There should be an achievement for that: Kill a moron with every class!

But since he is just easy honor and still very dumb, he can just make it to the third place. He is so stupid a ganker that in a competition about the most stupid ganker, he can’t even take the first place.



Silver – Second Place

The second place is, silver, goes to Bbqsix. Now, here is a consequent ganker. He was horde, Tauren (hence the very inventive name of “BBQ”, how impressive!). Back then, I killed him with my rogue in Darkshire and with my paladin in Darkshire and in Stormwind. Then he disappeared for a while and came back… as Alliance. And still ganking, but this time on Horde places.

I always consider ganker who switch faction to keep on ganking as big losers just too bad to PvP.

And this is the case for Bbqsix who got killed by my paladin in Warsong Hold several time. My paladin killed him a couple of times and my rogue once i Warsong Hold. So now, when he comes flying and if I am online and my spy tells me, if I show up with my paladin, he just runs away.


Courageous as a ganker!

Worth a silver medal!

Before we go to the gold meda, let’s see some honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

Gankncamp: A moron who has a druid, a priest and a twink-rogue (at least) that I have killed several time. Sometimes, he is so wonderfully incredibely fantastic, that he can run away without getting killed. And as explained in my article about ganking (read here: Life and Death of a Ganker) it is a typical beta male of unsure, narcissistic immature idiots who believe they are wonderful even though they are running away.

Keepal: He is still trying to gank in Lakeshire when there is no lvl 80s around. Or else, he uses a trick of being in a group in a dungeon and to teleport to it when he is under attack. But it isn’t working very well any longer, so he gets killed often. In which case, he run away and tremble in his dungeon until he dares to come back, or he hides cowardly somewhere in stealth and wait sometimes more than an hour before he dares doing anything.




Spiriits: Spiriits is still as pathetic as ever and has actually disappeared from the game says my spy. That can mean two things: he switched faction and name (otherwise I get the message that “your friend has to be from your faction”) or his account has been banned. I will opt for the first possibility.

If he switched to Alliance, I guess he will be ganking horde places soon enough and we’ll find him. There is not many players as bad as him. He’ll be recognizable.

Hadiamine: Last but not least, there is Hadiamine. A retri-paladin who is at least as bad as Spiriits. It could be his Alliance if Hadiamine had not have different achievements.

What impressed me was, when I checked him in armory, that I could see that he had 1600 in arena in 2v2. How could he with being that bad. He couldn’t see the spells I was using, he misused his trinket and many of his abilities.

I checked the videos of some of the arena he was in, and yes: He is a total noob. Terrible. And it is not by killing low levels that he’s going to be better. Actually, there are other players in his team and they have a much better personal rating so this is the explanation.


Gold – First place

The first place is going to Dankstorm.

Just like Bbqsix, he was Horde. He was a Tauren chicken-druid. And chicken druid is a perfect description of this loser.

Back then, he too was ganking in Darkshire and I killed him several time with my rogue there. Then, he switched faction and went Alliance… But he is still a loser and a chicken druid only able to gank.

Now he has moved to Thousand Needles to gank because Tanaris is too dangerous, there are too many lvl 80’s there and he could get killed. He never managed to kill me even once. The only time I died was when he was with his friend, YMCA, and they throw me out of the bridge in Freewind Post. The one who got the kill was YMCA, so not even this one time was he able to get me.

The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year - January - February 2024

A real noob who earn his gold medal of the most stupid ganker of the year for the months of January and February 2024.

See you later for more. (Scorpyo)

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