Bbqsix – Missteaks were made

Bbqsix - Missteaks were made(23/03-2024) – I consider gankers as narcissists and bad players. They aspire to be alpha-male but they are zeta-male. They are big zeros and they only can feel “strong” when they kill low levels or people who are ungeared.

There are many examples of these gankers around, therefore I have this competition of the “most stupid ganker of the year”. They also follow a special pattern (see my article: Life and Death of a Ganker).

And the most stupid of the kind switch faction and keep on ganking… And they often get killed by our Vigilantes on both factions, so nothing changes.

It is the case with Bbqsix.

When I first met this death knight, he was a Tauren, hence the very inventive name “Bbq”, and I guess “six” is his IQ.

He was ganking in Darkshire and I was fighting a paladin with my rogue and he helped this poor paladin who was losing and of course, 1 vs. 2, rogue against paladin and death knight, well… I died, of course.

So I came back with my healadin and with Nimrasil who came with her death knight (Zharalys – I think she was still gnome, back then). Back then we were going arena with these two.

And the paladin and Bbqsix got grilled a couple of time.

He definitely is much better in 2 vs. 1 than in 2 vs. 2.

And than in 1 vs. 1 as you will see very soon.

I put him on my spy to see when he came online and where. Then, each time he was where he shouldn’t be, I either came with my paladin, Lehiya, who killed him several times in 1 vs. 1 (that’s easy, he sucks). If he was there with friend(s), I came with my healadin and Zharalys.

Whatever happened, it ended the same way: Bbqsix became ground meat and with my flag up his ass.

Then I didn’t see him for a long while. I thought he learned to play and was enjoying the game, until I saw him as a human death knight.

He had switched faction, gone human but still called himself this stupid name. I guess he wants to keep it for the case he wants to go Tauren again or maybe he is really proud of this moronic name.

Bbqsix - Missteaks were made

And then, he started to gank again, but this time, he ganked horde.

Same method: He can kill low levels, he can kill badly geared lvl 80s or classes that can’t beat a death knight.

But of course, we have vigilantes horde side too, so he met one of my paladin who is stationed at Warsong Hold: Velalenn.

I killed him several times with Velalenn and after a while, he found out that he couldn’t beat me so he usually leaves when he sees me.

As a ground rule, WoW (WOTLK) is like “paper, scissors, stone”, some class beats an other (if you consider that they know how to play their class and they have equal gear). And paladin beats death knight. It is even easier when the death knight doesn’t know how to play his class.

Yesterday, I was going to teleport to Dalaran with Velalenn, so I logged on, and I saw he was ganking in Warsong Hold. So I looked after him. I could target him, but couldn’t find him. So I flew around and looked, and I got lucky: He deathgripped me like any noob death knight does.

If you watch the video, you will notice that he uses a macro so he deathgrip and uses chain of ice. And that is very stupid if you use it against a melee (unless you want to run away but then, you don’t death-grip!)

You might notice that he stand still a second or two before fighting. Something tells me he found out of who he deathgripped at this moment. Kind of: Uh! oh! Shit! I have to learn to think before I deathgrip (which is a very death-knightish principle: They deathgrip first, think later… That’s what kills them)

He later on make the same mistake: After I let him use all of his cooldowns and heal myself, he is down at 2/3 health, and I am almost at 100% but he runs away from me, I am slowed in his cc and at this moment, I think: Shit! He’s running away from me!

So he deathgrip me. Thank you som much, meatbrain!

That was his last missteak and he (again) ended up with my flag up his ass.

Bbqsix vs. me, Bbqsix and friend vs. me and friend: Bbqsix is a loser every time. And switching faction changes nothing. But with an IQ of 6 points, I guess he’ll never find out. No problem, that’s honor for me and friends. (Scorpyo)

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