The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year – December 2023

The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year - December 2023(31/12/2023) – The last month of the year has been quite busy, actually. There was a moment when we thought people had quit ganking, but I guess they were just locked into the psychiatric ward and didn’t have access to a computer.

They’ve been let outside for Christmas, it seems.

Yes, we have to be kind towards simple minds nowadays.

Here are the gankers we encountered and killed this month. The number in parentheses is not the number of times they were killed this month, but the number of times we’ve killed them since last summer.

Alliance: Antidok (1), Apparentlyme (1), Bbqsix (11), Bianquee (16), Dankstorm (10),  Florestrasza (12), Gankerr (2), Gankncamp (1), Glava (4), Hutardftw (3), Lastgirl (1), Levonth (4), Manicxx (2), Mariposah (1), Moogli (43), Mvxwell (1), Olexis (8), Sermanna (10), Snolabe (6), Verinae (1).

Horde: Babavoos (1), Baxtab (68), Bobeezy (3), Feearzz (1), Gehtdoch (6), Heithun (18), Jetekken (2), Bioboyy (4), Miumau (4), Raiczu (6),  Sksdeath (2), Spicynips (1), Squeespleen (53), Sylon (2), Tellyssa (3), Tiovanio (3), Twicetherage (3), Wildrrage (8), Wshab (1), Xizhuxi (1), Xxwwxxww (22), Zucc (2).

Now… Let’s see who the most stupid gankers of the last month of the year are.

Bronze – Third Place

This guy goes by the names of Gankncamp, Campngank, and Gankerr. A priest, a druid, and a rogue.

He manages to play badly with every one of them. He is so bad that his only pride is actually avoiding being killed and being able to one-shot a low level before we can get to him. And then, he sees himself as a wonderboy.

Oh well…

The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year - December 2023He seems to have the IQ of a dish of sauerkraut. After courageously running away from me, he tried to whisper me (I guess something like: “Ah! Ah! You can’t even catch me!”), but my add-on blocks whispers from people I don’t know and who are not in my guild and sends a message back which says:

You aren’t in my guild or friend list. I can’t see your whisper. Only they can whisper me. If you want to contact me, write in general or /say. If you are a ganker that I’m killing: I can’t see your whisper, and I don’t care about what you think or say.

So he kept on trying and getting my automatic answer numerous times (I didn’t count). And, as you can see from my article here: 1) I really don’t care and 2) Even if I wanted to see what was whispered, the add-on is bugged so it doesn’t show anything which suits me fine.

So after trying numerous times (I didn’t count, but he was perseverant), he actually sent me an in-game mail. He sent it to Belonara, my shadow priest who killed two of his characters 3 times in all.

As you can see from the picture, I didn’t open it, I won’t open it, and in 16 days, if it is not bugged, it should return to him.

And you know why…

For this level of stupidity and missing sense of reality, I give him a third place, bronze. He can’t have gold; he is too dumb to get it anyway.

Silver – Second Place

The second place, silver, goes to Bianquee for this month.

You know, sometimes there are fewer gankers than other times. For example, Sunday evening, there aren’t many gankers because the weekend is over, and they have things to do the day after, Monday, such as going to kindergarten or school or to the psychiatric ward.

But in these times when there are few gankers online, we can rely on stupid Bianquee to give us honor. That is a very good thing.

His tactic is the same: Log on at Crossroads, kill the flight master (who respawns after 2 minutes), kill the quest givers (lvl 20), eventually kill the few low levels who are in PvP because they just landed from somewhere else and 5 minutes have not passed yet.

Then we come and kill him.

He lies down and goes AFK until he logs off (sometimes he tries to rez and to gank again, though).

Rinse and repeat.

I have killed him with at least three different chars (my hunter, my rogue, my paladin), and he keeps on coming.

He sucks at PvP, but it is logical because you can’t really become good at PvP when you kill NPCs. Yes, I know, he got a title as Challenger, but as bad as he is, my guess is that he bought this character. I can’t really imagine a Challenger being that bad and wasting time killing NPCs and low levels.

So Bianquee is number 2, silver for December 2023.

Honorable Mentions

Before we go on to gold, let’s have some honorable mentions.

Dankstorm: He is a boomie. He used to be horde, and I chain-killed him back then with my rogue when he was ganking Darkshire from the roof of the inn. Now he switched to Alliance, and I chain-kill him with my rogue in Thousand Needles while he is ganking Freewind Post from the bridge. Same old, same old.

Baxtab: A level 19 twink who haunts Lakeshire. He is often with other level 19 twinks, and we chain-kill him. We chain-kill him when we see him with our level 80s, of course (we don’t care about the level of the gankers), but we also chain-killed him and his friends with our level 19 twinks too.

It doesn’t look like he got the hint for now, so I guess we’ll see more of him in the next year.

Xxwwxxww: Well… What to say? The only level 80 ganker who can be one-shotted. He is bad at fighting, he is bad at stealthing, he is bad at fleeing, and he even is bad at ganking. It is free honor that is worth an honorable mention.

Gold – First Place

The first place, gold, for December has to be given to Squeespleen.

He arrived in Lakeshire sometime in October or November, I think. A warrior who is able to kill low level and the flight master. Isn’t he amazing? I guess you would never have guessed!

And he is following the script of the ganker to the letter, meaning that when we first kill him, he cries because we are two (yeah, namely! He is much more fair than us because he is on 1v1 against the low levels!).

Then he switches to some low level he has around to try to taunt and provoke, but he does as poor a job at being spirited than as PvP’ing.

I have put him on ignore, by the way, because it is really not worth my time, and he is just as interesting as all the other gankers. Funny how they all are alike while believing they are special.

Finally, I switched paladin, and instead of taking my healadin, I took my DPS and went 1v1.

So! Let’s see how good you are.

Well… He is good at avoiding and at running away (not good enough, though, because he always ends up with the flag up his ass), but in 1v1, he sucks plenty. Just like all the other gankers.

That was it for December 2023. Do come by tomorrow to see who the most stupid gankers of 2023 are. You can subscribe to the mailing list to get a mail when I put something new online. Never know, I might write about you. (Scorpyo)

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    1. Yeah he is. At a moment, he switched to his low lvl alliance and I believe he talked to me about it (but I couldn’t see it since I have him on ignore) 🙂

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