The Most Stupid Ganker of 2023 – September, October 2023

The most stupid ganker of 2023 - september, october 2023(03/11/2023) – So here we are again with the statistics and the nominations for the most stupid ganker of 2023.

And for this two-month period, we had several contenders. Let’s roll the tapes.

As usual, the number in parentheses is the total number of times the ganker was killed, not only during this period.

The nominated are:

Alliance: Archestar (3), Bianquee (10), Bubus (1), Crazytacoguy (1), Ehcan (2), Fantta (1), Fjarnskaggl (3), Hipnopollo (2), Howtostealth (2), Ishikaru (1), Kohampolicje (2), Michahell (3), Milaska (3), Moogli (36), Pissman (2), Raiczu (4), Rasputtia (4), Saandy (2), Shaaddoow (1), Toastytoast (3), Toiletpaper (2), Trdwrldblast (1), Ttre (3), Uglyhuman (7), Whyrunnin (5), Xydk (3).

Horde: Abuulddon (1), Ahmmad (3), Amavis (2), Ambushxx (3), Analkaral (11), Arentalrogue (3), Axelrose (1), Azzas (3), Bfrd (3), Blackdarke (4), Combateo (3), Dajgolde (2), Exodum (2), Foolishness (4), Freakest (3), Gonty (1), Hammanz (1), Havshad (1), Healdruida (1), Hogsmasher (12), Insaneboomi (1), Keepal (3), Koleno (3), Kuubuus (2), Lapajkurovi (6), Molekin (4), Morningafter (2), Morthan (2), Niikkol (10), Ragael (9), Raztraz (3), Rektqt (9), Rifull (1), Sandarus (1), Sizzlestv (1), Spiriits (10), Steakout (14), Tigresaavip (9), Wolverina (2), Xxwwxxww(18).

The most stupid ganker of the year

Third place – Bronze

The third place is going to Raiczu, an alliance restoration druid who spends a lot of time killing low levels. His kick is to get to a low level, kill him and fly away before we can kill him. Which is of course the easiest thing to do when you are a night elf druid: oneshoot a low level, shadowmeld to get out of combat, switch to flight form and get away to a place where you are impossible to get…

Except when you are not!


Second place – Silver

I must say i have doubt on the second and first place for this one. But I will give the second place to Niikkol, a blood-elf Death Knight who helps his friend, a blood elf paladin to gank Lakeshire. He is terrible at PvP and I have killed him with several of my characters. The problem is not to kill him, the problem is to catch him.

But of course, you don’t learn a lot of PvP while ganking people 60 levels below you.

Before we go to the first place, here are some honorable mentions:

Honorable mentions

Moogli: How could we speak about stupid gankers without talking about Moogli. In the last couple of months, he managed to get killed 36 times. Some of the times, in Thousand Needles, he was with a friend and still couldn’t manage.

Toastytoast: Long time no see. Toasty went back to visit us in Freewind Post just to get killed. Nice to see you!

Keepal: A horde rogue ganking Lakeshire. He is so unsure of himself (even if he is BiS) that he either is with at least one friend or that he groups with an alt who is in dungeon and when you begin to fight him, he vanishes to go out of combat and transport to dungeon. Some chicken!

Xxwwxxww: First, you have to be stupid to have random letters for a name. Second, he still tries to gank and he still gets oneshotted. Last time, he even tried to band up with a weakadin and I killed them both.

And now, time has come to give the gold medal!

First place – Gold

The first place is going to Niikkols good friend: Spiriits. He is the weakadin Xxwwxxww banded up with.

He tries to gank Lakeshire, he gets killed by about every class I have: Rogue, priest, paladin…

Then he bands up with Niikkol. Even there, I killed them both. The fight was a bit too long for me to get everything, so you can’t see my kill on Niikkol, you can only see it in the chatbox.

You will note that Spiriits uses the same technic than Niikkol: Running away. And that he can be difficult to catch too!

Then he banded up with another paladin Tigresaavip and I was with Nim with her death knight and my healadin. We had some 3 v 2: Tigresavip, Niikkol, Spiriits vs. us and they wiped repetitively.

Funny enough, we never got Spiriits in these 3 v 2, because when he could see that things were getting the wrong way, he left his friends alone and just ran away.

We had a lot of fun with these total morons. I guess we’ll see them again before the end of the year. (Scorpyo)

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