Raid on Hogger

Some times ago, our Danes, as we call them got their Death Knights to level 80: Obelixs and Miraculixs and Markwarrior got to level 55 and made his Death Knight – Asterixs.

We had to celebrate and, of course, the guild being like it is, we had to do something special.

So I asked everyone to make a new character (human) and wait at Northshire, where human start their life.

Then we grouped into a raidgroup and went on raid against the worth threat ever known to a newbie human: Hogger.

No enchanted weapons, not even gray weapons or gear, just the start-package.

There was mostly paladins, warriors and I made a priest for the occasion: Lilscorpyo.

Off we went.

Since we didn’t have special gear and since we weren’t much, we went through a couple of wipes before we even came close to Hogger. These level 8 and 9 Gnolls could smell us from afar and litteraly jumped on us.

So we first used Darthkiler, then later Lehiya to clean the place for Gnolls so we just had Hogger left.

Darthkiler cleaned the place, it went great and by the time we arrived to Hogger, some stupid Death Knight killed him right before our sorry eyes.


And of course, all the Gnolls respawned before Hogger himself…

One wipe later, I pull Lehiya out (paladin) to clean the place and kept her online.

It went just great then.

Only hogger was left.

The party jumped on him, and killed him.


I didn’t make any movies because of all this jumping from char to char. Just a little tiny one of us arriving.

Great fun.

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