Heroics Dead Mines

strong.jpgSo! Now it is Jac’s turn to hit the big eight-o.

Of course, we had to have a party and of course there should be nakedness and fishing poles.

Since Teshar wasn’t here, it was Nimrasil who took the fishing pole part.

We agreed, that instead of celebrating in Astranaar, our HQ, we would take Jacond naked through the DeadMines. They are soon to be heroics anyway!

So Palsass, Nimrasil, Silah and Jacond took through the DM naked.

We had a bit of a problem because there were “too many instances launched” so we just couldn’t get in. Blizzard should have fixed that by now, BTW.

In the midtime, we danced naked in front of the entrance until it unlocked.

And then, we took a trip through Deadmines naked. Jacond and Silah used only their fists to fight, Palsass used his differents pally-possibilities, and Nim used the Mastercraft Kalu’ak Fishing pole. So beware of her because even only armed with a fishing pole, the girl is lethal (but since she has 400/400 in unarmed, even without pole, she hits hard).

When we arrived at the big boss, Jacs had to take him alone. Hoooo… it was tough and happily Palsass could heal him!

Never ever ever do Deadmines with your bare hands at lvl 80 without a healer!

So of course, Jac is real proud to have made it. And shows muscles near the dead boss as you can see on the picture (a clic on the picture will give you a bigger format.

And here is a little movie with some of the best moments.

Again grats to Jacond.

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