The guild’s youngest explorer

(22/09-2009) – When Lehiya hit 68, she went to fly on Northrend. Easily done since patch 3.1 where, if you have a level 80, the high level buy a book (cold weather flying tome) that can be send to the level 68 who can after that fly in Northrend.

But Lehiya had done some quests and by the time she finished to explore and got her World Explorer title, she was level 69.

Nezepher wanted to do better than that, so she did!

When she reached 68, she stopped questing and finished her exploration (she had been exploring a bit at each level).

So she got the World Explorer title as level 68 the 19th of november 2009.

That makes her the youngest explorer of the guild and the youngest explorer possible at that time.

From now on she can only be copied, but not beaten (unless, of course, there come some major changes with a later patch)

Gz on the title Nez!

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