Teshar grew up

(29/01-2010) – Nezepher and I met Teshar the first time long time ago. The guild was really young then, we were 3 in it and we met Teshar with our alts. We were on Deadmine’s level.

It was one of the most absurd Deadmines ever where we kept dying so I ended up sending BlackScorpyo to help and Teshar ended up in my friendlist.

Then, one day, Brotherchive (the third one from our guild) told us, he wanted to invite someone… It was Tesh.

So Teshar has been in from the beginning of the guild.

Always helpfull, always here for us, always something to say and great person to ask about differences in the english language.

At the beginning, I saw Tesh was putting gray things in the bank. I didn’t know how to tell her “thanks, but no thanks” without hurting her feelings.

So I offer her to check her gear and in this talk, I explained the difference between gray, white, green, blue, purple, etc.

It is first now that Tesh got the news 🙂

Tesh has learn a lot since that time and now, since the 21st of january, got to level 80… time surely passes!

So of course, we had to make a party and what is better than to surprise a rogue?

First, we made a calendar invite for a party next thrusday (the 4th of february).

“We” meaning Kinase and me, planned to get Teshar online one week before and trick her into a party… But what party?

After some thinking, I organized a contest: I took 6 pictures of me different places and the members of the guild had to take pictures of their character the exact same places, in the exact same position. They had one hour to do so or until the first one had the 6 pictures.

You can see the contest and the pictures here. You can try to see, if you guessed the correct places (solution coming).

Nezepher won. She got the 6 pictures real shortly before Teshar and Kinase that had only 5. Teshar, according to tradition, naked and with her fishing rod as weapon, of course.

But, but, but, but… One was taken the wrong place and therefore declared invalid.

So we had two persons on the first place, the team Teshar/Kinase and Nezepher that had to share the first place and price (25 gold to each).

Nezepher gave her price to Kinar and Teshase and the party ended up in Ironforge.

If you want to see the solution to the contest, you can see it here with the pictures of Teshar, Kinase and Nezepher.

Another member of the guild got to 80, Morgog, but he hasn’t been online for a while, so we will find out of something else to punish him with… Time is on our side.

Again grats on you getting 80 Tesh.

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