Hooray for Nez and Malka

(01/02-2010) – So we did it again! Nimrasil’s alt, our favorite shaman, Nezepher the Explorer hit 80 today.

At 11:13 (server time) in Storm Peaks (K3 – to be precise), the last 21,000 points got Nez over the magic number.

Teshar, who was the only one online at this time of day was ready to celebrate and met Nez at the Exodar. She made a beautifull FlowerDance.

If you look attentively, you will see that Teshar makes a big 8 and a big 0 with the flowers.


See the movie here.

Malka hit 80 at 22:53 and has already been used as healer in quite a few heroics. I don’t think she will have problems getting invites (clic on the picture to see it in 100% size).

Malka is the boss’ fifth level 80. Nezepher is miniboss’ second level 80.


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