Time surely flies!

(10/03-2010) – Again a level 80 in our guild. Time surely flies! In fact, we had two level 80 real soon after each other, but we haven’t got the party for Taegra yet. So more to come. Dan wanted a nice picture of guildies, so we quite naturally went to our headquarters, Astranaar to take a picture. Here it is (click on the picture to see it 100 % size):

From left to right you see: Miraculixs, Gogodruid, Malka, Taegra, Morgog, Danwithabow, Nimrasil and Mashspud plus different pets and companions.

It was on the 03/03 and the festival was still going on. There is an elder in Astranaar.

A horde, warlock, had the real bad idea to try to get his coin from the elder there…. So “Astranaar was under attack”. Not a bright idea when we were about six level 80’s on the place (and a level 65’ish and 78’ish).

We hunted the poor guy down and smashed him. I don’t think he got time to get his coin this time by the way.

Then we agreed to pay horde a visit. We are polite people, they say hello, we said hello.

So we started at Splintertree post and obliterated all that could be obliterated and made a nice group picture again near the former Flight Master (see the little movie down there).

Since we were in a very good horde-smashing mood, and since Wintergasp was about to start (something like 15 minutes or so), we went to Wintergrasp.

We got the fortress back.

Fun party with quite a lot of PvP, honorable kills and all.

Again, gratz to Danwithabow. Well done!

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