Mashmanat are 80

(27/04-2010) – Two new level 80’s in Warriors of the North.

Mashmanigun made it to level 80 april 20th, and little Nathanaelle 4 days later, the 24th (at 05:33 server time to be precise).

Boss has now 7 level 80s and Morgog is working on his third. Same with Nimrasil, her 3rd level 80 (Laylael, i fact her first character ever) is now level 70 so… more 80’s coming soon.

We will end up having a full raid group of 80’s in Warriors of the North… But only 5 of them in the same time.

Going to plan some kind of party but haven’t find an idea yet.

Problem is to find a moment when Mahsmanigun is online. He did manage to miss his level 80 party with Morgog.

Gz gz to us – stay tuned.

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