Good Bye Warriors

(05/06-2010) – Next Saturday, Saturday 12th. of June at 12:00 server time, Nim and I officially close the guild for members.

That means that all members, except from one of Nim’s char and one of mine, are going to be kicked out of the guild.

In short: We tried to have a guild with a social life and talking, and fun, and things, but it didn’t work.

Very often, only Nim and I are online. Some people pass by, without saying hello or goodbye, except when they need advice or help and, to be honest, it is pretty boring.

Nim and I have a real good relation to the people of <Godless> and we can’t really be together with them because we have other responsibilities (this guild), and somehow, it gets boring that we have to sacrifice some of our fun for many that don’t show sign that they care, or aren’t online anyway.

So we move all our chars (except from a couple because of business) to <Godless>.

Take what you can and what you need from the bank before closing time, you are free to do so. The 12th of june, I will kick the few that haven’t left, then I will see how much gold there is in guildbank, sell/disenchant, whatever that doesn’t belong to us and send to each member, what becomes to them out from what they gave in their time in the guild.

In a couple of years now, we have organized parties, fun and all, and in short, if we don’t do it, no one does, so this is getting too boring for us.

Therefore, we stop now while we still have fun and move on.

Thank you to everyone for the funny hours we have had together, even though I would have wished, there had been more of them.

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