The Most Stupid Ganker of 2022 – The Winner Is…

The Most Stupid Ganker of 2022 – The Winner Is… - illustration(01/01-2023) – Happy New Year 2023!

It’s time to find out who was the most stupid ganker of last year. This time, we’re taking the nominated from all those who were of the Bronze, Silver, Honorable mentions and Gold categories from the past months. The parentheses next to each contender’s name show the number of times they were killed, not just last year, and then it will state B for Bronze, S for Silver, HM for Honorable mentions and G for Gold.

May the most stupid ganker win!

The nominated are:

Alliance: Afie (17 – HM), Annielegna (21 – HM x 2), Bebsiicle (23 – S), Fantta (22 – S + G), Haliiax (23 – S), Hentaidruid (163 – HM), Horsemanx (35 – HM), Ilryanll (30 – HM), Josseline (159 – G), Krakren (10 – G), Moogli (142 – HM + G x 2), Olexis/Olegsis (7 – S), Outtie (4 – B), Putindeeznut (12 – HM), Spritte (48 – HM + S), Tsuks (17 – G), Whyrunnin (15 – HM),

Horde: Agronius (2 – B x 2), Dearhm (7 – HM), Dearhr (1 – HM), Dxprey (13 – B), Ewerly (2 – HM), Exoffender (2 – HM), Feanorjr (20 – HM), Izizwe (26 – HM), Henip (1 – S), Momtaker (2 – HM), Nuzruk (5 – HM), Pownytail(10 – HM + G), Ragnares(1 – S), Sacraments (2 – HM), Sylouge (8 – B), Vivehk (39 – HM), Yonex (1 – HM), Zdzd (12 – B)

It’s time to find out who the biggest fool was in the ganking game in the last year.

Let’s start with the bronze medalist – the third most stupid ganker of the year! Who will it be? Let’s find out!

Third place – Bronze

Josseline/Stavrii – We met him first in Lakeshire. He was an undead warrior called Stavrii. Obviously a noob who bought all his gear because he was pretty bad at PvP. Yes, like many gankers, he killed low-geared or AFK level 80’s and lowbies and NPC. Big guy! We took care of him there many times (we had to kill him 159 times before he got it). If he really wanted to go PvP, as a warrior, the best race to go wouldn’t be undead, but orc.

But then, he switched faction and became Alliance. He switched to a Draenei female and called himself “Josseline”. Also here, he proves he doesn’t know much about PvP as the best race for a warrior on Alliance side would be human (no, human is not “best race for any pvp”, but it would be for a warrior Alliance). And then I found him ganking Crossroads, where we killed him, then in Thousand Needles, where we killed him. Then he switched back to Horde and became Stavrii again (Tauren, this time), then back to Alliance. There is an article about him here.

He is not to be found in armory anymore. His account is still here, since his lvl 70 twink, Josseline is still here, but inactive, but he might have sold his main or deleted it. Anyway, we have seen him the last time in game the 21st of July 2022 (and killed him too, by the way). No sign of activity since. I guess that the only way for him to play the game was to gank, otherwise no interest in the game. We’re happy we made him stop.


Second place – Silver

Most stupid ganker of the year - illustrationThe silver medal will go to Annielegna. A human priest. How this noob got over 63,000 honorable kills, I honestly don’t understand. My guess is that he bought this character with all these kills. I see him rarely in battlegrounds, too rarely to get to this amount of kills, and I see him mostly ganking low levels and AFKs in Freewind Post in Thousand Needles.

He tried also to gank in Crossroads, but we have some characters there too and he got pitifully killed. So he prefers to go to Thousand Needles. He also tries to go to Tanaris and Gadgetzan, but if the going gets tough, like it often does,there, he prefers to go back to Thousand Needles again. The pathetic noob goes back to low levels and low geared AFK’s.

And when we kill him there, then he cries for help and gets a group there. That is necessary to gank a bunch of low levels. I expect we will meet him again a while before he understands it. The elevator obviously doesn’t stop at the highest level.

Honorable Mentions

Before we go to the gold medal and the Most Stupid Ganker of the Year, let’s see some honorable mentions.

Moogli: The druid, killed 142 times to date, was killed about 130 times in Freewind Post before he chose to go elsewhere to gank. Like many other gankers we met last year (Agronius — horde, Dxprey — horde, Toastytoast — Alliance, and some other) he went to Borean Tundra to gank. Because at least, I wasn’t there… Until now! I have moved some of my Alliance over Valiance Keep and some of my Horde over Warsong Hold and Moogli met my blade and my flag a couple of times over Warsong Hold. I don’t think he has made the connection yet.

Bebsiicle: A weak rogue who can spend hours and hours killing low levels in Freewind Post… Until I came. He is very proud of being able to one-shot lvl 25 NPCs and the Flight Master level 65 (well, Nyse is elite!), but except from that, he can’t do much except crying for help when I or we show up. A real loser.

Hentaidruid: Well… He needed to be killed 160 times before he got it. Just this is enough to give him a mention.

Olexis/Olegsis: Last but not least, we have Olexis/Olegsis (he has his own article here). He can’t play at all so he has to kill low levels with his druid. When I kill his druid (which is pretty easy), he then switches to his death knight, a tank with about 40k. He takes his army of death and wipes the place for lowbies and NPC (well, you need a BiS 40k DK to take down a couple of lowbies and NPCs level 25-35) and then, when his army is on cooldown, I show up with my paladin and kill him (if he doesn’t run away from me).

And now…

First place – Gold

tsuks sucksThe first place goes to Fantta AKA Tsuks (there is an article about this idiot here). He was ganking alone with his rogue. Also in Thousand Needles, Freewind Post, this is really the place to find the most idiotic Alliance gankers (the best place to find Horde idiots is Lakeshire). When we speak about him, we call him “Noobtta” or “Hesuks”.

He really sucks at playing rogue when he can’t kill lowbies, so he is very easy to 1v1.

Then he switches to his paladin, a healer. He sucks at playing it too, but since he has good gear, he is difficult to kill. When we do anyway, he cries for help, like any other ganker. Most often Bebsiicle (or “Bebsinoob”, as we call him), who I believe is no one else that his brother, The Noob Formerly Known as Spritte (article here: https://zeguild.com/2714/).

He tried to give a nicer picture of himself by commenting on this blog under this article and this article and he started okay, but then he got out of hand with childish insults, it wasn’t even worth reading, so he has been banned and his comments are now automatically deleted. My guess is, he is too stupid to understand it (even though I explained it in my article about him) so I bet he keeps on commenting for the trashcan. He really earned this gold medal for being the most stupid of the most stupid. It’s almost unbelievable at this point.

From his comments on this blog, you can, for example, see that he believes, he controls exactly when he ganks, when in fact, he doesn’t. He can only gank when his brother or other friends can come and help him (same thing with Bebsinoob by the way). He has to have someone available to get there and gank. He can’t do it when he wants, he only can do it when other can. And he sees that as being “in control”… Oh well… Not much sense of realities, like most ganker with psychopathic or narcissistic traits.

Since he is the winner, and since, as you can see from his own comments, not all of his dogs are barking, my guess is that we will need to kill him many times again this year before he maybe understands it (but I am really not sure about that one!). I wouldn’t be surprised a bit that he will be at least nominated for the months to come.

I managed to get the last word and to kill him and plant my flag up his ass in the night from the 30th to the 31st of December. (he said something once about coming with vaseline, I hope he did). He was the last one of the year 2022 (I wasn’t online New Year’s Eve, so I don’t know if I missed an occasion to kill him once more, but for this evening’s sake… I’ll let him live.).

Right now, I am back on retail so I am not very often online on Warmane but I usually come back regularly, and I won’t stay retail forever, so I’ll be seeing you and will plant my flag in any ganker’s ass I’ll meet, whether they are Horde or Alliance.

Happy new year. (Scorpyo)

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