He Doesn’t Know He Tsuks

(16/12-2022) – You might have read about Tsuks, human healadin, AKA Fantta in The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year in April and May 2022 when he and his brother got Silver, second place. His brother, Spritte, was originally a horde, ganking Alliance places. We killed him several times in Lakeshire, so he switched faction and begun to gank in Thousand Needles where we then killed him several times too.

I wrote an article about him, here, and then, his brother, Tsuks/Fantta… I will just call him the Moron, it’s easier than “Tsuks/Fantta” and resumes very well his personality as you are going to see in a minute.

Anyway, after my article, his brother, Moron, wrote comments on the article, that you can see below the article (here)

If you read the comments, you can see that Moron absolutely would like to justify himself by saying that in fact, he is very honourable, loves PvP (that is why he is ganking low levels) and a very mature man.

By reading him on this comment, you could almost believe his crap: He had little interest in the game any longer but, thanks to us, he got a renewed interest in PvP and he is only coming there ganking low levels, low-geared and AFK in Freewind Post for the pleasure of meeting us and get good PvP… which get him killed every time. Weird pleasure, wouldn’t you say?

Especially since my spies have sometimes told me he was ganking, but since I was working or doing something else and couldn’t come, he was ganking the same spot for hours… He certainly is persistent!

Then we were away for a while since we have other things to do and we were playing something else (Lost Ark and later, I went to God of War).

When I came back, Moron was still there with his noob-rogue ganking low levels. Maybe he thought it was like these quests where you have to kill a certain number of mobs before the boss appears? He had been trying for months, obviously, and he didn’t notice it didn’t work… But yes, sure, he didn’t get there to gank and to spoil the game for people trying to level, but only to meet me.

Well… His dream came true at last! I came with my rogue and killed his pitiful noob rogue (Fantta) several times. He is an easy kill since he only can find out to kill low geared, AFKs and low levels. Just like any ganker. (His boyfriend, Bebsiicle, is a bit better, but still inferior to me and gets killed anyway.)

So now, he almost never uses his noob rogue. Last time, he didn’t even try to fight me, but just tried to flee (but died anyway).

You can see a short video here showing how bad he is and the last clip is how he tries to escape.

Weird… I thought he was ganking to get me to come to get good PvP and then, when I come, he runs away?

Then he switches to his healadin. He is as bad a healadin as he is a rogue, but since he is well geared, he is difficult to take down. But we did so a couple of time with my shadow priest and Nim’s rogue.

Since then, according to the ways the ganker works (see this article) he never ganks alone. But even then, I killed him several times. So they keep inflating their group to gank low levels. It doesn’t always help since he continually gets killed.

Then, suddenly, a new comment on another of my article speaking about Olegsis (an alliance ganker same place). At first, I thought it was Olegsis being mad at me because he gets pwned. And the guy didn’t present himself, just telling me he’s not Olegsis. And then I get it! It’s Moron who came back to… To… To what?

Well, he’s angry at me, that’s for sure. His tone is much more angry than it was in the first comments some months ago. He is in this typical ganker delusional world where he tries to tell me I am a noob and that he kills me all the time and that I am hiding from him and that he can make me come online when he wants and other totally crazy things with no connexion to reality.

Just like the other gankers, I showed him statistic (you can see the pictures and the discussion in the comments of this article) but that didn’t matter a bit and he “didn’t care”…

I believe he snapped and his two brain cells short-circuited.

His last comment was totally disconnected from anything. I read it superficially (not everything, just here and there) and since it is really not worth it and will not help to reference this blog (insults, etc. count down in Google).

I could see that he wrote something about coming with vaseline or something like that. I think it is an excellent idea if he comes with vaseline so I can put my flag deeper up his ass.

Except for that, I just deleted his comment which made little sense anyway from what I saw and blacklisted him so he won’t be able to comment anymore.

So, no more contacts with Moron anymore. Which is fine, I have never seen a discussion with a ganker going anywhere, they are mentally loser who, for most of them, are mentally challenged. Every time I haven’t followed this simple rule (no contact with gankers), I have come to this same result: It’s not worth it.

Therefore, I have an add-on that stops whisper from people not in my friend list: Not worth reading or talking to.

Once again, it has been proven true: This Moron doesn’t know he Tsuks. (Scorpyo)

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