The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year – November – December 2022

The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year – November - December 2022 - Illustration(21/12-2022) – As we come to the end of the year, it’s time to recognize the most stupid ganker of November and December 2022. Here are the nominated individuals, with the number between parenthesis indicating how many times they have been killed in total, not just in these two months. Be sure to tune in to our special 00:01 on January 1st, 2023 (Paris’ time) to find out who is crowned the Most Stupid Ganker of the Year!

The nominated are:

Alliance: Afie (17), Annielegna (21), Bebsiicle (22), Corber (14), Fantta (21), Gagav (1), Hentaidruid (163), Hulis (4), Jiip (1), Krakren (10), Layren (2), Mefriendlyy (2), Moogli (142), Niakun (9), Olestraza (1), Regrowthh (3), Srbista (3), Thebestdruid (2), Toastytoast (5), Tsuks (17), Vast (6), Whyrunnin (15), Xtnalgas (1).

Horde: Bagudboy (2), Bortragon (5), Dxprey (13), Flexx (1), Goodofdeath (3), Gougestyle (11), Kokoshaar (1), Koleno (1), Minkex (1), Moistymike (3), Odyh (1), Penetraktor (3), Pochiita (1), Poisontusk (3), Pownytail (10), Procell (3), Profbeast (3), Railway (5), Rasho (2), Retchar (9), Rycs (3), Sanwen (1), Shanize (2væk), Shotwell (2), Stabbymcpoke (2), Steakout (4), Stockpotinn (5), Twinkiny (9), Twizter (4), Unbornx (2), Yonex (1)

A bit of statistics

Statistics show that in the last two months, there have been 23 Alliance gankers and 31 Horde gankers. Despite there being more Horde gankers, the average time it takes for them to realize they need to stop is much lower than for Alliance gankers. This is likely due to the fact that some are fairly new to the ganking-game or that we just discovered them, but there are also those who keep switching between factions.

Let’s take a look at the ten most persistent gankers. Here is their ranking, the number of times they were killed, and their name and faction:

1 – 163 – Hentaidruid (Alliance)
2 – 142 – Moogli (Alliance)
3 – 22 – Bebsiicle (Alliance)
4 – 21 – Fantta (Alliance)
4 – 21 – Annielegna (Alliance)
5 – 17 – Afie (Alliance)
5 – 17 – Tsuks (Alliance)
6 – 15 – Whyrunnin (Alliance)
7 – 14 – Corber (Alliance)
8 – 13 – Dxprey (Horde)
9 – 11 – Gougestyle (Horde)
10 – 10 – Krakren (Alliance)
10 – 10 – Pownytail (Horde)

Do you think that Alliance players are more stupid than Horde players when it comes to ganking? Statistics show that this is indeed the case. So if you’re looking for the most stupid gankers of the year, the Alliance will likely take the crown. Check out who’s up for the title and see who will be crowned the Most Stupid Ganker of the Year for November and December 2022!

Third place – Bronze

The third place goes to Dxprey. This Horde ganker is a regular sight in Darkshire, but will occasionally move to Lakeshire or Borean Tundra if he’s been getting his ass kicked. He prefers Darkshire because he can put his elevator on top of the inn and heal up if things are getting too hot. He also likes to stay up there and pick off players from a safe distance.

But no matter where he goes, we’re always waiting for him. We’ve killed him in Darkshire, Lakeshire, and Borean Tundra. Usually, I wait for him in Darkshire on the roof of the inn with my rogue and if he get back up there, or if he is ganking from up there, I kill him.

The only time he managed to get me was when he had his boyfriend (a Blood Death Knight) or a rogue friend to shadowstep me in a 2v1 or 3v1.



Second place – Silver

Bebsiicle, the silver-ranked rogue, is coming to the forefront this time. I suspect he is the same ganker formally known as Spritte (the Priest – who has won awards before), brother to Tsuks. Although this is not certain, his impressive speed at calling on Tsuks leads me to believe he is related to him.

Bebsiicle plays a fairly decent rogue, though not as well as me – unfortunately for him. He’s attempted to outnumber me numerous times, though it’s never worked. Even if there were an even number of Horde and Alliance players, his team still couldn’t manage to get the upper hand. Pretty pathetic, if you ask me.

Before we crown the winner of gold, let’s take a moment to recognize some honorable mentions:

Hentaidruid: Hentaidruid is a pretty hapless ganker who can’t seem to take down anyone of his own level. When you take him down, he simply respawns at the graveyard, only to repeat the process over and over again. It’s hard to comprehend why he would do this. Maybe he believes I won’t kill him if he doesn’t give any honor? Big mistake. Furthermore, his tendency to get one or two-shotted makes the whole endeavor even more pointless.

Yonex: Yonex is so used to taking out low-level opponents that he doesn’t understand why he can’t take me down, even though I’m letting him stunlock me. When he finds out that he needs to run away, he gets killed. Even with help of a hunter like in this video clip:

Annielegna: With Annielegna, we’ve had the ultimate ganker-killing experience. Not only have we chainkilled him several times, but now he has Bebsiicle and Tsuks around to protect him. We have a lot of fun, waiting and watching until the perfect moment to hit and log off. Last time, with my hunter’s DPS it took only a few seconds to annihilate him. By the time his friends show up, we’re already gone – leaving him none the wiser!

It’s a hilarious and creative way of trolling without getting caught, and we’re sure to get more honor for it in the months to come because he seems to dumb to get the point.

And now, for the gold…

Gold – First place

The first place is going to Tsuks/Fantta.

Whether he comes with his rogue (Fantta) or his healadin (Tsuks), he always seems to end up with a flag up his ass. He tried to leave a comment on few of this blog’s post to make it look like he was a reasonable PvP player, but the truth is that he gets defeated by me almost every time and is only able to kill lowbies.

He claims to enjoy PvP, no matter how many times he dies, but it’s strange that if I happen to take out his rogue, he’ll switch to his healadin – who can’t be taken down by a rogue. So really, does he truly enjoy PvP or does he just like to win?

Besides, if I don’t or can’t come, he keeps on killing low levels.

In any case, Tsuks/Fantta has certainly earned the gold medal for this period of time. His skill and experience in PvP is unmatched, and his dedication to the game is clear.

There is an article about him right here => He Doesn’t Know He Tsuks.

On the first day of the New Year, January 1st 2023 at 00:01 (Paris time), I will be announcing the winners of 2022. Only those players who have been awarded medals or honorable mentions in 2022 will be part of this prestigious event. So mark your calendars and join us for the grand finale at the start of the New Year. See you in 2023! (Scorpyo)

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