Noob-Spritte the Spiritless

Spiritless Spritte - Warmane - illlustration(08/05-2022) – I have already written a bit about Spritte in the Most Stupid Ganker of the Year for March 2022, where he got an honorable mention. He’ll be back in the next nominations. More about that next month.

And first, a bit of history: We met Spritte some months ago. He was horde back then (undead, if I remember correctly) and he was ganking in Darkshire and in Lakeshire. Back then, I only met him in Shadow. I am not sure whether he had double spec as Discipline or not yet.

Anyway… He was pretty lame already then, and we killed him several times. Then he disappeared. No more Spritte ganking.  No more Spritte-spanking for us. We thought he had stopped.

We led several gankers to stop ganking lowbie-places (Haliiax, Josseline/Stavrii, Murderfresh and some more) and even some to stop playing (Apricotie, Paviiani and some more), but I’ll write more about that soon.

So we thought, okay, he’s seen the light and found out that there are other things to do than spoiling the fun of other people.

Nimrasil keeps on telling me: Mazal? You overestimate ganker’s intelligence! and she is right! So did I with Spritte!

The moron had switched faction. He became night-elf priest and later on switched to human.

You would think that it was because he loved so much Darkshire and Lakeshire, that he wanted to visit them without getting killed. But no! Now he was going to Freewind Post (Thousand Needles) and a bit in Crossroads. The dude is so dumb that as a horde, he visits lowbies alliance and as an alliance, he visits lowbies horde.

Yes, Spritte was following the “ganker’s playbook” (described here): No allegiance, just spoiling the fun for other whatever faction we speak about. Like most psychopaths, he is totally dumb and believes he is over-intelligent.

Of course, since we have vigilantes on both sides, we found him quickly and chain-killed him.

So he now teams up with other gankers from his guild. He is guild-master of a ganking-guild and from what I have seen, they suck except if they are in a group. He is often with Fantta, AKA Tsuks, who is as lame as he is.

Now… one thing noob-gankers use to pretend is that  we just suck at PvP and they are godlike in PvP (no sense of realities, I know!).

We pretend the opposite. We assert that they suck at PvP as much as they suck in their life and their only way to feel superior ingame is to gank and the only way to feel superior in their life is by thinking that they are great ingame.

The problem is that except from the fact that we do chainkill them, it is often difficult to prove how much they suck or are good at PvP.


Except when you are in a battleground with the person in question, in this case, Spritte, where you can see statistics of how much damage or healing they are doing compared to the team and to you.

And that is exactly what happened yesterday evening.

“Noob-Spritte” fell in one battle, Eye of the Storm with two of us: Ronit and Ivkatta. Ronit is a Preg-paladin and Ivkatta is a destruction warlock.

As you can see in the first picture, Spritte is in the BG from the start (you can see him in group 3).

Noob-Spritte the spiritless

He stayed until the end, which was easy since it was an easy win (1600/682).

You can see from the date and time that the screenshots are from the same battleground.

Noob-spritte warmane

Now look at the result.

Damage done

Spritte: 18,641
Ronit: 187,858
Ivkatta: 209,242

Okay, then… Maybe he was in as a healer.

Healing done

Spritte: 100,539
Ronit: 166,336
Ivkatta: 67,782

The warlock was close to have as much healing as his disc-priest (if he was disc at the moment, but with this damage, I certainly hope so!).

In short, we have here a couple of explanations:

  • We now have proof of why Spritte ganks: He really sucks at pvp and he sucks at healing… In short, he sucks at everything.
  • You know now, that if he is in your BG as a healer, you’d better have bandages and potions because he sucks.
  • And we also know why sometimes Alliance goes from loser-bg to loser-bg: Too many gankers or/and ex-horde like him in the team.

There are some gankers where I think, or say, “pity he is not more of a regular player, he plays well except from that and if he wasn’t such a ganker, I would team up with him for real pvp any time.”

This is definitely not the case with Noob-Spritte!

I guess we’ll see more of him and his boyfriend in Freewind Post unless he switches back, and then we’ll see him in Darkshire and Lakeshire. In any case, he’ll be giving us more honor. (Scorpyo)

12 thoughts on “Noob-Spritte the Spiritless”

  1. I don’t understand why nowhere in your post , you didn’t mention how for at least two hours and more than once, you two rogues didn’t defend Freewind Post but hid like mice on the roof of the Inn. You only mention the dual point of view, but there are others like that. We love the attention you give us, and rest assured this game will not change and will remain PvP, and while you pretend to be the philosopher and hero you want to be, you remain a player who can sometimes kill and sometimes will be killed. There is no one stronger in this game, everyone loses in certain conditions, doesn’t that remind you of boxing ?
    Thank you for the attention you give us, and I hope for the future we continue to be a thorn in your side, and keep you interested. Remember, there is no bad publicity especially in a PvP world.
    With much love, sincerely yours Fantta & Spritte.

    1. Ho, hello, Fantta, nice to see you here.

      First of all, if you knew a bit about pvp, you would know that a 2v2 of double rogue against disc + rogue doesn’t have a chance. I did take you several times in 1v1 though (I’m Sylnera, btw) and you suck in 1v1. You only got me twice and both times it was in 2v1 (plus the several times when I was about to get you and if Spritte wasn’t there to heal you, you would have been dead).

      Statistic says it all: https://imgur.com/a/u0PQsne

      Your analogy with the boxing could be good and is certainly true when we talk about PvP. I mean, *real* PvP. You two morons ganking lvl 30s is not PvP. It is not PvP either to be 2 vs. 1 on AFK lvl 80s or on people who just land. That’s pathetic at best. If you would keep the boxing analogy, that would answer to send a FEatherwight (less than 57 kg) to fight a heavy weight (more than 91 kg).

      Don’t flatter yourself too much, though. We don’t have a special interest in you (except from the fact that you are especially dumb and that keep amazing me). We are interested in stopping gankers, though. And you are gankers. Like all gankers, you are pathetic losers and I thought it was really funny to see how bad Spritte did in BG. That’s why I wrote this article. Besides, that explains a lot of things. For example why you guys think it is much better to gank lvl 30s.

      I didn’t have the doubtful honor in going on BG with you (but if I am there with my healer, don’t expect heal, though), but we might see how bad you are compared to your boyfriend.

      Now, we have chars, vigilantes if you want, stationed around, both on Horde and on Alliance side because we think that pathetic noobs like you shouldn’t spoil the game for other players. You can compare yourself to big heroes, big PvPs, wonderful people, boxers or whatever you want, you are neither. You are just pathetic players, unable to do well in PvP and who have to go and bother low levels. In short, you are losers.

      As I said, we don’t have a special interest in you, but as long as you come and bother low level players, we’ll be there for you and you will be giving us honor, like you have done until now. You’re the one deciding how much honor you want to give us.

      So yes, see you out there. Just a few kills more and you will be giving me a mount. Looking forward to it!.


  2. Thank you , for sharing your thinking. Definitely as you can understand, I have no use for harassing small level players, but once we saw how much interest we were generating , we felt it was much cooler and interesting to draw attention to ourselves that way. I’m glad you’re getting honor from us. After all, that’s the goal of the game. After I get my work done and after I do everything I set out to do in real life, I enter this fictional world for 1 or 2 hours to have fun. And how many times you kill me or whether you get honor or not from me, that’s a virtual illusion. Battlegrounds take a lot of time, and of whether you see me with a rogue going in to fight. Rather, I come in with a heller to help my team. But this rogue is made just for you, and as long as you pay attention to us , we’ll keep standing and annoying you. You think everyone cares what item they have and what mounts they have , but the truth is this is a game and when the power goes out you lose it all , no matter how good you are it’s just not the real world. So commendable that you are trying to stop people terrorizing small levels but you can’t stop us because you can’t put up fences you can’t put up padlocks and you are not the police you don’t have prisons. No matter how hard you try, we will always be there, or at least until I get sick of the game and stop logging in or decide to ding some new character or something more creative. As long as I log in just to kill time , you will always see me there , we have been around a lot of places but nowhere pays attention to us , and we are out. But at Freewind Post we found the show. Thanks for making my time off interesting. And to summarize, I don’t care if 1in1 I don’t get up, because the moment we are 2on1 or 2on2 then you don’t get up, but you beat your chest about being defenders and being pro. When you are there and we are 4-5 people why don’t you attack, we still kill small levels. So whatever you think and say, the truth is this is a MMORPG and the freedom is limitless.Just to add, yesterday we were out there mashing alright but you were gone you didn’t show up, that’s a shame. You can’t claim to be fighting injustice while standing by and doing nothing. Even if we are 20 people if you are real defenders you will try to do something and not sit and watch. Outside the game , I wish you well, and hope you find something more meaningful in your life than playing this game and pretending to be a hero and a policeman, in a world where such things do not exist 🙂

    1. Hello, Fantta,

      I’m not sure if I get all your points, but I must admit I am tired today so my brain might be a bit slow (more about that later).

      But even though I’m not 100% clear today, I do note that you pretend that you have no interest in harassing low levels. Furthermore, you pretend it was only when you saw the “interest” I or we had in you that you did?

      So tell me: What were you doing there in the first place, mate? Were you looking for well-geared lvl 80’s to fight in a lvl 20-leveling place? Really?

      If that was the case (which it was not, of course, be at least honest), then why did you “see the interest you were generating”? It looks like a surprise. How could it be if it was what you were looking for?

      Funny how gankers are alike on this point too: underestimating other people.

      Battlegrounds take a lot of time? There has been time where you have been ganking 1,000 needles for hours, or you have been in Tanaris for hours at a time… And a BG takes “a lot of time”?

      I would have thought you’d had more imagination than that … Nim tells me regularly that I keep on overestimate gankers, and someone with so little fantasy so he calls his character “Fantta” can’t be very good at imagining much. My mistake. Sorry!

      Then you keep telling that you are “annoying”. Again, and like I already wrote in my former answer: You are not especially interesting and we are not annoyed. If you are the kind of guy who plays a game to be annoyed, that’s your problem. We don’t. We have fun. If we think a game isn’t fun, we play another game. If we think part of the game are annoying (for example raids) we don’t do it (we don’t!)

      We think it’s fun to chain-kill you. And to chain-kill Spritte, for that matter.

      Maybe you find us annoying, and you transfer this on us. But believe me, if you were annoying us, we wouldn’t do it. We would do something else. Azeroth is big enough.

      Another way you transfer yourself or your impressions on us (Transfer is a psychological expression to tell that you attribute something or some things you feel, think or fear, etc. to someone else. Most of the time to “fight it”, it is a sign of a psychological immaturity. It is because you can’t or don’t want to fight this part of you by yourself. This means that you are young or immature on some points)…

      Anyway: Another way you transfer yourself is when you pretend you come one hour or two and after that, you leave and do something else and you are speaking about us like we are 24/7 on the game…

      First, this is not correct. I have several times seen you and Spritte in Tanaris most of the afternoon, after that in 1,000 Needles for hours. You are the ones being online for many hours each day. This is a transfer, you see?

      Second, well… The explanation why we don’t always go after you is not because we fear you (we don’t), but actually because we do other things.

      You have often been there when we were around dinner time and then I have to go to the kitchen to cook, we watch TV or do other things and yes, then 1,000 Needles must take care of itself.

      How can this surprise you when you pretend to be like that yourself? How come it doesn’t come to your mind to think: “Okay, they are not online”? That should be the logical thing to think if you really were like that. No?

      And again, to come back to start: If you see we are not there, why do you keep ganking the low levels for hours if you have “no interest in harassing low levels”?

      For yesterday? Yes, exactly, Nim wasn’t on WoW at all, and I had little time myself: Our son got appendicitis, Nim took him to the emergency at 05:30 in the morning yesterday. He was operated at around midnight or one o’clock in the morning (almost 24 hours without sleep for her). She came home at around 3:30 in the morning.

      Neither she nor I gave Freewind Post much of a thinking.

      Depending on how it’s going the coming days, we might not be much online and if online, I think I’ll avoid PvP (and Nim surely also) because we are both pretty tired and we will be giving you honor you don’t deserve.

      In Danish there is a saying that goes: Tyv tror hver mand stjæler (the thief believes that every person is stealing). This is a very good resume of what you are doing right here.

      Stop thinking so highly of yourself: Us and you two losers are definitely very different!

      See you around.

  3. I have two kids, so i hope everything goes well with operation. As a kid i was operated from appendix as well. Take you time mate and when you recover you know where we going to be with my brother 🙂 Btw, thank for wide and good answers here. Its nice to talk with you 🙂

    1. Thanks.

      The operation went well. They used the three puncture method, so he only has three small holes. But the infection touched other organs so they keep him a couple of days to see how things are going.

      See you around.

    1. Two things:

      1. No, you’re not famous since you just spend your time getting killed.

      2. Please refrain from using moronic language like “bois” “garls” “u” and so on. This is a comment section, not WhatsApp with your friends at the kindergarten. Google downgrade blogs containing these idiocies and I won’t let that happen. Next message with this kind of immature content will get it and you blacklisted. So if you want to go through, write as correctly as you can.

      No need to write Shakespeare’s English, but no need to write in Moronic’s Retard either. Find something in between.

  4. Complications often occur. I am glad that everything went well, apparently the health system in Denmark is of a high level. But as a parent I understand your concern. Don’t worry, I’m watching the Freewind Post, and to tell you I look forward to things calming down and seeing you there soon. It’s boring without you. Now come some mboxers, and to tell you my personal opinion, this mbox is spoiling the balance in WoW. But this is my personal opinion. As for ganking, I’m 80% understanding of your view and your resentment, but I do it not because I care about 20-40level characters, but because it keeps your attention, even though you have really more important things than Sprite and I do right now. I like how you write and how you express yourself, and even though we’re enemies I like you in a way. But despite the moment of candor, you are Horde I am Alliance and as long as we are lighting each other red we will attack each other and someone will die regardless of the number of wins and losses. To also answer your quandary of why we do all this, my view though it doesn’t correspond with yours and you won’t accept it, in bgs we fight 15-15 and it’s a big melee whereas in Freewind Post and in Tanaris, the fights are either 1v1 or 2v2 or 5v2 which is somehow more fun. I don’t know how to explain it but I hope you see what I mean. That’s why I go around Tanaris and Freewind Post because I see that in those places there’s hem peace you write with new people, I mean in this respect Tanaris, hem for a little while there are fights you get one or two from the opposing faction and you have the freedom to jump them to fight or just avoid the conflict, while in bgs if you don’t fight you get kicked and the other time you get into some orb of flying spells and all sorts of red tidy plates lol. I wish you a burzo recovery, a vibrant and healthy child, and a nice relationship in your home. If you want us to communicate somewhere else leave your coordinates , it would be nice to keep in contact at least while I play this game and log in. Truth is I hadn’t played this game in 8 years since I got married. Now I am in England working involuntarily, and to not go out to spend money this game engages some free hours in which if it was not there I had to go out to buy something and spend money earned. And I save because in my country (Bulgaria) life is hard and we need money. And you and your wife, if I understood correctly, and Tanaris and Freewind Post managed to keep and make my stay in the game interesting.
    See you soon 🙂
    Yours sincerely Fantta aka Tsuks

    1. No, actually, the health system in Denmark is one of the worst in the world. It has been among the best, but it is a very long time ago and they still live on that, but there are terrible things happening. There is at the moment a scandal because there has been 90 leg amputation which weren’t necessary to do, but it was cheaper, easier so they did it instead of treating people. The mother of one of our friend died of cancer because they didn’t treat her: too old, not worth the money… There are many, many of this kind of things going on. We left Denmark over 20 years ago (we are might be much older than you might think! So is our son) and after a while in France, we have been living for many years in our country: Israel. It is to date the best health care and the best doctors we have seen. I was born in France, left for Israel, then from Israel to Denmark, got married there (with Nim), we left for France then back to Israel where we have been living for some years now.

      Now back to WoW:

      I have a couple of multiboxes myself, horde and alliance, but I rarely use them. I thought it was very funny to go dungeons with them (5 different classes) and it was fun leveling (5 druids, 5 warlocks) but then, at 80, I don’t play them anymore. One of the reason is that I consider it as unfair to use them. Yeah, right, I could come with my 5 druids and AoE you to death, but well… That’s not me. On the other hand, if you have annoyed the wrong guy, you had it coming.

      I don’t agree with you on the ganking of Freewind Post. It can’t be because of us, since you know we won’t come. I just log in for some business to make gold (I sell gold to make coins and to buy the gear I don’t want to go raiding for). And it is not the place you go 1v1 or 2v2 or anything else. You know perfectly well that these places are Tanaris, Hellfire Peninsula, Stranglethorn Vale, but not Freewind Post, or Crossroads. This is what our son does if he is bored and wants world PvP… Or then he goes farming eternal fire and then all the family is going WPvP. I wrote a piece about that, here (there is even a video).

      My impression is more that you go to Tanaris and when you get your ass kicked too much, you go somewhere where you know you can get easy kills: Lowbies, lowgeared and AFKs.

      Spritte was also ganking Darkshire and Lakeshire when he was Horde and it wasn’t there where he could meet 1v1 or 2v2 either… until we came and kicked his ass.

      We prefer world PvP, but we did arena and we do regularly bgs. Better honor (more gear, or more gold = more coins) but this never included spoiling the game for other players by ganking them (or gray-killing them like they say in French. In French, “ganking” is being more than one player on a player or hindering a player in handing a quest in or something like that. Killing a lowbie, like you do, is called “gray-killing” and it is considered being even worse than ganking). Too many kids in BG but I like them especially if I am trying a new spec or if I play a class I haven’t played in a while to get used to it again.

      We are actually more Alliance than Horde, but we are against gankers most of all, whatever faction they are in because gankers do not have any allegiance and will gank, whatever faction they are in (you have a perfect example with Spritte).

      We play here because it is populated, and because this is the expansion we prefer. Back then, when this expansion was live, we had a couple of homepages about the game through which we earned money. It wasn’t a lot, but enough to pay for our subscriptions and some more.

      I do respect good PvP players and I found friends there. Some friends I still have today were people I met in WoW when WOTLK was live. They have my real name and we are in contact with Facebook, mail, Instagram, or whatever. And that was no matter the faction. But I just can’t respect and I can’t befriend someone who is spoiling the game for other people, whatever explanation is made up to justify this. It is a moral standpoint.

  5. Hey mate. Hope at you and your family everything going good. I didn’t see you soon in Freewind Post. Yesterday I see you login with one of your spy charr to check on us, and you left. Probably you login with Sylnera after that but we had no time to come in Freewind post and meet you. So i give you notice and invitation for tonight.. Me and Spritte will be at Freewind Post around 18:30 UK time, i don’t know what time will be in 🇮🇱 but hope you will have a time to come and visit us.
    Best wishes- Fantta aka Tsuks

    1. Hello,

      Yes, everything is good now and we are back to normal. No, Scorpyo is not my spy. My spies are scattered around Azeroth. I don’t whisper with them and no one knows them. Scorpyo is my warrior, she is JC and does her dailies. Then I had to help Nim with a horde ganker in Hellfire.

      But my spy told me you and Spritte have been a while in Tanaris, you were mainly with Tsuks and first much later came with Fantta. If you had been earlier on Freewind Post, you would have met us.

      If 18:30 UK is GMT+1 (if you have daylight saving time), then it would be fine. If not, it will be too late for us.

      I just checked, yes, you have daylight saving time, so 18:30 will be 20:30 here, that’s fine even though that begins being late for us. We start early in the morning. We live in Haifa, and in Israel the saying goes: In Tel-Aviv, you have fun, in Jerusalem, you pray and in Haifa, you work. Since it gets hot early, people start early here.


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