Warrior Dies-a-Lot

(07/05-2021) – I don’t remember how we met Stavrii the first time. I usually have characters in different cities where there is ganking (on Horde and on Alliance side, we hate gankers whatever faction they’re in), and I regularly log on to them to see how things are going.

I believe it was under such a check I saw a 35k or 37k warrior, equipped Shadowmourne, killing level 20’s and 30’s and NPCs in Lakeshire.

I said to Nim: There is a noob-ganker here, the guy needs Shadowmourne and 35K to kill level 20’s.

So we went on him with Nim’s Death Knight, Zharalys, and my warrior, Scorpyo.

It was pretty easy to kill him: The only buttons he knows are Bloodrage, Bladestorm and Enraged Regeneration. Most of the time, I just bladestormed too, since I have more resilience than him, the game generally was to my advantage. I killed him sometimes alone and most of the time together with Zharalys.

Hey! Two against one? WTF?

Yes. Why two against one?

First because, “why take any chances” and second, and especially: “We don’t play fair against suckers”. It is no more unfair to be two level 80s against one level 80 than it is to kill low levels and block entire city and NPC-hubs, thereby spoiling the game for other players.

You spoil their game, we spoil your fun!

So I put Stavrii on my ganker-list and my spy warned me each time he came online and was in Darkshire or in Lakeshire. If it was the case, we came at once and killed him… And planted our flag up his ass.

According to statistics, we had 58 encounters, we killed him 53 times (and he got me 5 times). Some of his wins were after he died, if I didn’t heal quickly enough, then I died of bleeding, so I don’t know if he got honor for all of them, though.

And then… All of a sudden, one day, when I logged on my spy, I got the message “Stavrii has disappeared from your friend list”.

What? I checked armory, and correct enough, he had disappeared.

“Did he delete his char? Zharalys asked.”

“Nah, I don’t think so. Not a guy with Shadowmourne. He is very stupid, but not THAT stupid. I guess he was tired of getting killed by us and he switched faction and name by the same occasion.”

Just like any stupid ganker, he doesn’t have any loyalty. He’ll gank. He doesn’t care what faction it is.

Since we have horde, I thought we will meet him soon again, most probably in Crossroads since it is one of the favorite ganking places.


A couple of days later (or the day after, even), I made a check on Crossroads to see how it was going, and there he was!

He had changed faction, race and sex: He was now running a female Draenei warrior: Joselline.

Ganking low level in Crossroads, mashing his same three buttons: Bloodrage, Bladestorm and Enraged Regeneration. The style was very recognizable.

I had my hunter there (Gwenaelle) and one of my rogues, Mazal.

Nim too had her hunter there, Keshet, she came online and then we went on him. We killed him about 28 times there.

And, he was so lucky to get us once. Now, I am not very good at ranged combat, I prefer melee and I’m not good at kiting. He was so happy to have been able to kill us (we just had been in a fight against two priests that showed up so we were low on health too) than he kept “sitting” on us (even though we were very much alive).

So I decided to go for my rogue, Mazal, that I play better than hunter. I was stealth so no one knew I was there (and in Crossroads, Horde doesn’t have PvP flag on, so we have an advantage of first strike). The statistic of Gwenaelle (hunter) losing is off: the add-on counts “Feign Death” as getting killed. He only got me once, not twice (hence his happiness when it happened!).

But they were three: Shadow priest, Disc priest and warrior.

They were taunting Keshet, calling her chicken because she didn’t attack the three of them. We just waited until at least one more horde came. Three against three would be better.

And it happened: another hunter.

The fight was short and intense and the three gankers got killed in just a few seconds and ended up with our flag up theirs.

We killed the priests several times again, they ended up leaving, and Joselline too.

He went to… Thousand Needles.

But there, we have two rogues guarding.

First time, since Nim was out with the dog, I had to take him alone, which was done swiftly, and then, after a while, Nim came and we were again two. Chainkilling him.


(Please note that in the 1 vs 1, he is so noob, that I don’t even get hurt)

After the fight you could see here, the idiot rezzed under the bridge and then jumped down… to his death! Total imbecile.

Anyway… Statistically then:

Wins: 53 + 37 + 3 = 93

Lost: 5 + 3 (let’s give him the feign death, then) + 0 = 8 (in fact, 7, but whatever).

I talked a bit to him and he sees himself as the big winner of all the battles. I didn’t quite understand his logic, but according to him, he believes he is much better than us because he can kill the Flight-Master or some lowbies before we kill him and he even managed to run away from us… That’s his idea of victory, it seems.

The elevator obviously doesn’t stop at the top floor.

We need a few more kills to get to the same number of kills that we had with Stavrii and then it’ll be interesting to see if he switches back or maybe finds of a better way to have fun than spoiling it for others. Or eventually play some other game?

Anyway, we get honor each time we kill him, he doesn’t when he kills low levels or Flight Master. His name shouldn’t be Stavrii or Joselline, but “Diesalot”, because he doesn’t know to do anything else.

See you around (Scorpyo – Mazal)

25 thoughts on “Warrior Dies-a-Lot”

  1. 😀 Pathetic 2v1 … I enjoy how you are so “powerful” when with your friend and whenever he is not around,you’re just being sliced like a piece of cheese…Enjoy your honour if that’s what you need,I don’t care.Call me noob as much as you want but we both know the truth 😉

    1. On the video, the second fight, it is 1 vs 1 and I don’t lose as much as 1 health. From what you can see in the video, the one getting sliced like a piece of cheese is you.

      No, I know the truth, you’re delusional. You see yourself as a great warrior when the only thing you can do is killing low levels and getting pwn’ed by lvl 80’s 🙂 Statistics, screenshots and video support this, and still you think you’re great… Whatever you say, my friend 🙂 We’re the one getting honor.

  2. Is that you in the picture, Stavrii? You look much older than the 8 years I thought you were.

    First, I’m not a “him.” You were beaten and sliced by a girl, many times.

    Second, a lot of times we’ve been one-on-one on you.

    Third, we don’t really care if we are one, two or twenty to rape you. You’re a pathetic loser and ganker. You have no honor, so we don’t need to behave in an honorful way towards you.

    See you soon, if your tiny balls are big enough so that you dare to meet us again.

    1. We agree, honor is usually more difficult to get. You giving us honor that easy is a great chance for us. Thank you, noob-honor-giver 🙂

      By the way, the noob record is Dirtyhippie (you can see an article about him on this page), 129 win, 1 lost. With you, I am at 105 win, 9 lost… In a bit, you will beat him. You will be the noobest ganker ever. You just need a couple more. We have a wedger going on whether you will win over him in the noob-record or not. Don’t let me down!

      1. I won’t you can do me 2v1 anytime.If I could do an autorespawn so you kill me,I’d do it so that you are happy.I actually don’t quite care anyway.Okay,good night guys,wish you all the best 🙂 .

        1. Yups, we 2v1 or we 1v1. We don’t care. You’re a noob and a ganker. You don’t play fair, we don’t play fair. Why do you keep crying about it if you don’t care? How many chances does a level 30 have against you? You think it’s all right, right? So why are you crying? And besides, and again (you seem to forget it, even though there is a video about it), we did 1v1 you many times. You didn’t do better in 2v2 with this Death Knight who ran away from you. You didn’t do better in 3 v 3 in Crossroads last week-end. You suck at pvp.

          We don’t care about what you think, feel or wish us. You were in Crossroads, we killed you in Crossroads, you went to Freewind Post, we killed you in Freewind post, you went to Undercity, we killed you in Undercity, you hid in Alterac Mountains, we killed you in Alterac Mountains, you went to Tarren Mill, we were there, waiting for you (you’re so predictable!) and we killed you there…

          You think it’s fun? So do we, we were actually drinking tea: “Oh, here he is! Let’s get him!” You’re easy honor and it is nice you don’t care, because we are happy to get the easy honor.

          You have soon won over Dirtyhippie in the getting killed competition. You’re not there, quite, but I have hope. You are so dumb so I am sure you will win over him. Go for it, Tiger!

  3. Duel me 1v1 and we’ll see 😀 .And yes I will rape your low levels as well as high levels anytime.The fact you are 2 and are proud to call yourself winners is pathetic.300 heroes in different places :D.Your choice,but every single of your heroes will die easyly if it has the balls to fight/duel me 1v1.

    1. We don’t need to “duel you 1v1”, we’ve killed you plenty of times 1v1, and 2v2, and 3v3. Watch the video again. First fight, we are two, but second fight, just me. I don’t even lose as much as 1 hp. And you and your Death Knight friend got your asses handed up to you again today, right? He was fast to disappear, lol.

      Please, be our guest. Keep on ganking. We don’t care if the NPC or the Flight master dies, they’ll respawn. And again, just like I wrote: You don’t play fair, I don’t see why we should. And again: You’ve died plenty of times in 1v1. You are delusional if you think you are worth anything in PvP. But hey, keep coming, you obviously love getting spanked, and we do love to spank you and to plant our flag up your ass. Also, because you are so easy to take down. So be our guest.

      And yes, we have heroes in different places, both Horde and Alliance. Love it or not, we don’t care because you, gankers, are just pathetic losers. And yes, as long as you gank, we’ll be here, whether you are Horde or Alliance. The honor is all good to us. So just keep on coming.

    1. Actually, people getting ganked by people like you can’e enjoy the game. You spoil it for them. I don’t see why I should talk friendly to you.

  4. I actually thought you were kinda interesting to play with and have a sence of humour,but all you do is so similar.No imagination whatsoever.Kids 😀

    1. Lol, says the dude who never ever play or does anything but goes from city to city to keep on ganking. And whose top humor is to be Away until getting kicked out of game.

      If this is what you call “sense of humor”, then I am very pleased to tell you that indeed, we do not have the same. But we still think that gathering honor, planting our flag in your backside (or the backside of your few casual “friends”) is hilarious.

    2. What? So similar? You mean:

      1. Kill you.
      2. Put a flag up your hiney.
      3. Kill you.
      4. Put a flag up your hiney.

      Hm, maybe you’re right. But what do you want? Should we strip and dance naked on your dead body? Sing the National Anthem?

      We greet you with flags every time we see you. Isn’t that enough? The last time I even said “Hi,” but you didn’t reply. I was crushed. Here we do everything to make you feel welcome, and you didn’t even reply.

      Next time, I’ll show you all my vanity pets. Oh, wait… my rogue has none.

  5. Okay,guys,as you say.I kinda like you though,not that you can say the same for me,I guess,but still,I enjoy the time with you.Being real,not sarcastic or ironic,take it as you want and feel. 🙂 Wish you a wonderful night.Good night.

    1. You missed us yesterday evening?

      Well, every second week I hold a webinar so I don’t have time to go WoW (or whatever I am playing) because I’m generally tired after that and I just want to relax. But yesterday was the last one of the season, I’ll start again in September so I should be back killing you also on every second Tuesdays.

      As I told you, I can’t like someone whose only fun is to spoil the game for other people. @Nimrasil might feel differently so I guess she’ll answer for herself.

  6. Well, what can I say? I sometimes have a weakness for losers, so yeah…

    I remember when Stavrii disappeared. That made me sad.

    But we were pretty sure you would show up again, and yes, there you were.

    New race, new gender, same old anxious warrior.

    When you get older, you may grow a pair and be brave enough to go after someone your own size.

    But as long as you’re killing lowbees, we’ll be there.

    Hm… but somehow I feel it’s like teasing someone with SM:

    The M: “Hurt me. Whip me hard.”
    The S: “No!”

  7. Stavrii, I have a question for you. This is something we REALLY don’t understand.

    Why is it fun to gank?

    I mean… what’s so challenging or interesting about killing low-levels or low-geared high levels around them?

    What’s the joy in killing a flight master?

    Please, I’m really curious to know this.

  8. I don’t know.Sometimes I feel like helping people or enemies lvl up,other times so bored so just go killing lowbies and highies,other times raids..Judge me if you want,you might be right,but sometimes,especially when I feel not in mood and lately that happened quite much and some of my relatives flew away from Earth and I just don’t give a fuck and rape every moving thing alive,sometimes I don’t.You can judge me if you want and feel free to kill my annoying warrior.I understand and don’t expect nothing else.Have a good day/night.

  9. I don’t judge.

    And I’m sorry for your loss.

    You could become a vigilante, too, instead of ganking lowbees.

    It’s more of a challenge, and I think you can do it.

    Nim (aka Shorell, Keshet, and Zhella)

    1. You’ve always been a bleeding heart, Nim 🙂

      I don’t agree. Whatever bad happens in one’s life, it is no reason to destroy others. We, ourselves, live in a country at war, many die each day and we don’t destroy other people’s life or fun. Happily, there is more like us than there is like him.

      To make it short, ganker gank because they want to bother other players and to hinder them to have fun. They always will have some excuse to do so. It’s the same principle than people doing criminality because “they had a hard life” or “society doesn’t care for them” etc. But they don’t dare or they can’t do criminality for some reason and then they prefer to do it “in game” (less dangerous but almost same result). A very egoistic point of view: “Because I am not happy, I don’t want anyone else to be happy”.

      Stavri is not material for vigilante. Too egoist, too hateful and he can’t play his class.

      To Stavrii, we don’t need your authorization to kill you whenever you bother lowbies in the cities we keep an eye on. These are the rules, you’ll live by them or die by them. Just like in real life, actually. Whether you learn it or not is your problem.

  10. Both of you always sucked..now is the perfect example.I decide to be friendly and you come and start being the usual assholes.Go fuck yourself,you newbie 2vs1 hordes.You will never beat me 1vs1 anyway.No sense of humour like always.Only kill,kill,kill.

    1. All right, I’ll try to explain it slowly to you:

      – As an Alliance, you don’t have anything to do in Crossroads. As a Horde, you don’t have anything to do in Lakeshire.
      – You kill low levels. People 50 levels below you.
      – We kill gankers, whether they are Horde or Alliance, because gankers, like you, are losers.
      – As far as I remember, I killed you 1 vs. 1 several times. Also today, first time. And several times even when you were geared. Please do re-watch the video, the second fight is 1 vs. 1 and you are totally worthless.
      – Even though I don’t need my friend to kill you. I do like to share honor with her. And so does she. Why not.
      – Anyone, like you, who think it is okay to kill someone 60 level below you, but thinks 2 vs. 1 is unfair is totally stupid. So are you. Like Shorell told me today when she saw you pathetically dying: He must have hit his head while skateboarding. That’s the only explanation.
      – Humor is different from people to people. You belong obviously to the kind of people who think people falling and hurting themselves is funny. Or killing low level is funny. It is totally right: We don’t share your moronic humor. We prefer more intelligent jokes, but I wouldn’t tell you because you don’t have the IQ to understand it. But we DO think it is funny to chainkill you because you’re too dumb to find out to do anything else in this game than getting killed while ganking.

      And at last: Why do you think we would care what a loser like you thinks?

      See you around for more honor, pathetic loser!

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