The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year – January – May 2023

The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year – January - May 2023(04/06-2023) – Yes, the first months of 2023, we were on retail full time (or almost) and since the usual gankers didn’t dare to gank unless they were a full group (because they suck in 1 v 1), we thought it was a good idea not to log on for a while so they could relax and then, we could come back.

That’s what we did and I came back little by little from March. And it’s funny to see that these idiots are as stupid as usual. The exact same morons at the exact same place doing the exact same thing.

Boy. If their life is more boring than that (and it must be since they do this to relax or to get a bit of excitement), then it must be deadly boring.

Here are the names of the gankers killed from January to May 31st. Bad luck, though, the add-on I use to keep score and statistic has been messed up when I installed it on retail so all statistics are gone. I will put them on next time, but since we start from scratch, they won’t be so impressive. Pity, btw, because a guy like Moogli Smoothbrain must have been killed over 150 times. Pity.

Anyway. Here are the names.

Alliance: Adris, Afie, Animefeet, Bebsiicle, Bianquee, Binchilin, Brownadam, Darknei, Datahe, Dearhr, Djangoze, Doublebispal, Evisu, Fantta, Findiir, Geboss, Layren, Lightsouls, Loitsu, Moogli, Ninjakar, Olexis, Pupcho, Qros, Shirlei, Tamawar, Timination, Vast, Whyrunnin, Yurgenitzs.

Horde: Alandruid, Bortragon, Bross, Chequinha, Chilarius, Colpevole, Disarmonia, Doomfisting, Dovos, Dutabluz, Edguy, Emirates, Ericksnaz, Erythes, Exaz, Eyeslasher, Flowerly, Freezhe, Gammamale, Gankmanager, Gboyfresh, Hogsmasher, Iamannoying, Jetekken, Jumpscare, Junun, Kaplar, Klompa, Lips, Mitsli, Nekoneka, Onekillshot, Personaje, Pomivalec, Procell, Putikrtach, Quellemar, Sacredbow, Skengz, Somnarium, Sulrek, Tannpirker, Tepopuct, Uhoda, Vaenev, Verniz, Vrain, Whats, Xondas, Yourdeathhah.

Now, let’s see. and let’s start with the third place:


Bronze – Third Place

Whyrunnin is getting the third place. Yups, just like I said: Nothing moved much. Good old Whyrunnin is still trying to gank 1,000 Needles and still miserably failing. He has learn to move away when I come online and his big kick at the moment is to be able to run away without getting killed (what an honor!), but even that, he doesn’t do it too good.

Anyway, he still gives honor. He still sucks big time and He still thinks he is great just by hiding and not moving because he thinks we waste time.

It’s obviously not his gray braincells that stop him from sleeping at night!





Silver – Second place

We have a new contender for the secondplace: Hogsmasher/Bignutboi and some other Hogsomething that I don’t remember.

He has a lvl 78 twink warrior with which he can take lvl 80’s and low levels. Which he does. And then, if you kill his twink, he comes with an other char (he has at least two accounts), generally a class that can beat yours and he kills you. Since he is well geared and since he’ll choose a class that is stronger than yours, you don’t have much of a chance.

So when I killed his warrior with my paladin, he took out his chicken druid, which can actually beat paladin… But not mine.

He got killed twice, then he logged.

Since, he has tried a couple of times to bother players again in Lakeshire, but when I show up with my paladin, he leaves. The first few times he tried again with his druid, but it ends stale mate (he can’t kill me, I can’t kill him) because this paladin doesn’t have engineering so she is less mobile and he can then run away.

He tried to come with an other class (don’t remember which), so I switched to something else and got him and since this time, I haven’t seen him. Obviously, he shouldn’t call his char “Hogwarr”, but “Hogwash”, because that’s what he is.



Before we go over to the gold and the first place, a few honorable mentions

Honorable Mentions

Well, Fantta, of course. He still sucks plenty, he still shows up from time to time in 1,000 Needles, and if he doesn’t get time to see me come online, he gets killed like the pityful loser he is. Last time was so funny. Because he forgot to check before he came online and not only was I online and not only Nim was with me (he is easy to take in 1v1, so even easier in 2v1) but then he showed up right beside us and we were just finished killing a couple of gankers. So he got online, got killed, got off-line and then I didn’t see him since. He obviously doesn’t have wi-fi in all the rooms.

Olexis, Olegsis and company. He is so tired of getting killed, than now, he hurries back to the inn and shadowmeld and logs out with a macro. The art is to kill him before he does. But that can be done. I don’t see the fun in that for him, but anyway. I am not a retard so I guess I’ll never quite understand.

Dutabluz is a newcomer horde rogue. Generally roaming around Lakeshire or Darkshire and you hit him three time and he dies. Lately, he has tried to go in a group, but he is not very lucky and still get picked and killed.

Last, but not least, Moogli Smoothbrain who keeps on giving honor and is still unable to get some. His role in this life is obviously to give honor to me. Thank you.

And now, times has come for the first place.



Gold First Place

Bebsiicle is the winner of this contest. He still keeps on ganking low levels in 1,000 Needles when the going gets tough in Tanaris, so he kills the Flight Master, the low levels and the eventual low geared and unprepared (or AFK) level 80s who land there.

And confronted to a player of his level, he sucks plenty, just like his brother in dishonor, Fantta. At the beginning, I didn’t understand why people used “you, Bulgar” as an insult.

Thanks to Fantta, Bebsiicle and a couple of others, I understand why now.


That’s it for this month. Not sure I’ll be back for next month but I’ll be there later, anyway.

Take care. See you out there. (Scorpyo)

2 thoughts on “The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year – January – May 2023”

  1. Try time to time to upload videos how you die too, you show up only one side of the coin.
    If the gankers are the same and on same places ,thats mean defenders of honor and balance of universe (you with your pity wife) are not going well. Try harder or die lighter. See you around!

    1. Oh, it happens so rarely, that it doesn’t matter much. I do post it when I speak of one specific ganker. When I post the statistic, you can see how many time I get killed. It’s very rare and most of the time, it happens when they are more than one or if I have technical problems. Not later that yesterday evening, there were a mess in a my keyboard (there have been problems lately, I guess WOTLK Classic is messing up my Warmane setup), so when I pressed my keys, something else happened that what was supposed to do. There, “E”, instead of moving forward, was moving sideways, so I thought I was blinded and trinketed and I was of course an easy prey for the ganker (who also got me when I rezzed with 20% HP). When I finally got it arranged and went back, the guy wasn’t there anymore. Frankly, I don’t see how such a video could be interesting.

      But hey, if you don’t like it, don’t watch it.

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