Me Proud of Me Death Knight

Me Proud of Me Death Knight - Illustration(01/12-2022) -Meet “Olexis”, a notorious ganker in Freewind Post. He goes by many different names – Olexis (druid), Olegsis (death knight), Olestraza (priest), and Olexa (rogue – his Horde spy). I don’t know for sure if he has more. He had a mage character too, which I killed a couple of times, but haven’t seen him in a long time.

What all these characters have in common is that they are all well-geared (though not necessarily “Best in Slot”) and they are all ganking in Freewind Post. It’s obvious that the player behind these characters is an experienced deviant and a total noob when it comes to playing these classes.

For some reason, Olexis has stationed all these characters near the inn in Freewind Post. He targets low-level players, and can’t kill anyone at level 80 unless they are AFK or badly-geared. He usually ganks with his druid, the lowest-geared character.

If I’m online, I’ll come and put an end to Olexis’ reign of terror and kill him with my rogue.

He logs off with a triumphant feeling after attempting to kill a couple of low-level monsters with the means of a ganker, as described in the article Life and Death of a Ganker.

But he’s not done yet! He has one more weapon in his arsenal – his death knight, Olegsis, who proudly wields his Wrathful gear, obtained through hard-earned euros from mom and dad and bought in the shop.

Oh! Yes! Olegsis is a force to be reckoned with, and the perfect weapon to finish the job!

So, it goes like this: if I kill his shitty druid, he takes out his shitty death knight. Sometimes he takes out his army of death to “trash the place”. That means killing people of low level that might be here and the flight master who is level 65 (but elite, that’s right). You surely need to be best in slot and use your most powerful abilities for that… Especially when you are a noob.

I have gone on his death knight with my rogue. Not to kill him, as it is impossible since he is blood (tank) and often has over 40k HP, but just to see how far down I could get him.

I managed to get him down to half health before I had to run away. It’s clear that he isn’t a good player – he buys gear to make himself hard to kill and then just mashes some random abilities to take out unsuspecting opponents. But even with that, I’m still impressed that I was able to make it as far as I did.

Now, I used to stay away while he was with his death knight, except if we were more than one. But now I have moved my paladin down there too. So if he switches to his death knight, I switch to my paladin and kill him.

You can here see me kill his druid and later, his death knight with my paladin. Actually, I was 1 v 1 against him and at the last moment when he was trying to run away from me, another player joined me.

Yes, because his tactic when he comes with his death noob is to run around and kill the low levels while I am hitting on him and then to run away.

Since his ganking tactics have been failing him. He now comes with his priest or druid, only to get quickly killed for his lack of prowess. Then, he switches to his Horde rogue and waits for us to log off to mount a new ganking party.

We usually log off too when he is away.

As a typical ganker, he hasn’t yet realized that his opponents may have spies of their own. We are always watching, and know when he gets back online. We have the advantage, as we know exactly who to bring with us to take him out.

It might take some time for him to understand, given his two-digit IQ, but in the meantime, we can keep gathering honor. (Scorpyo)

16 thoughts on “Me Proud of Me Death Knight”

  1. Chani Nivaldo

    Hey losers, greetings from Bulgaria. I see how you use this website to show to audience how good and powerful you all are, but try time to time just for realistic purposes to show how some players kick your asses, and they farming and ganking
    Freewind post, and you all, the defenders of honour and balance of universe, staying in stealth and hopeless observing for a few minutes and then login off. My point is just don’t show only one side of the coin suckers. Hugs from your kickers.

    1. Oh, hello there,

      It seems the stats don’t lie – I have killed your druid 14 times, your priest once, and your Death Knight 3 times. You, on the other hand, have yet to take down any of my characters.

      As evidence, I have included images of my victories over your characters.

      So, while you may have had the occasional lucky victory, the truth is that when it comes to Freewind Post, the only thing you’ve been able to take down are low-geared and lowbies. In short, you just don’t have what it takes to go toe-to-toe with me.

      It’s no surprise that you call yourself our “kicker” even though evidence shows you’re the one getting asswiped every time. This is a common trait among gankers, who always think they are great players. What happens in Freewind Post is that you and your team of well-geared characters will often prey on low-geared and low-level players. In short, you suck at PvP.

      To prove this, I could have shown you the video of the one time you were lucky (actually I had just mocked you and instead of fighting, I was writing aaaee1111 in the chatbox). But that wouldn’t have been reflective of the reality of your PvP skills. To learn more about why this is, check out my article about gankers: https://zeguild.com/2618/. In “Phase 3,” I describe exactly what you have done: You killed me once, and you see yourself as the asskicker.

      On a personal note, I knew you were Bulgarian. Unfortunately, most gankers are from that country and they tend to be quite negative and petty. This behavior is often attributed to the fact that Bulgaria is considered one of the worst countries in the world, and its people are notoriously dissatisfied.

      It’s no surprise then that someone like you would proudly associate with such an environment.

      P.S.: I’m glad you found our blog. Stick around and you might even have a chance at becoming the most stupid ganker of the year and winning some gold!

  2. Chani Nivaldo

    The funniest thing here is that you wrote so many things and they not corespondent with actual situation. I’m happy for you ganking on that person, just to tell you that im not that guy. And the records that you provide actually show for open minded ppl that in part’s you and all you brainwashed comrades are gankers like everyone else that you criticise. I given my coordinates for contract with me to arange meetings in no so crowded place. Our gang is online 24/7 and we observing you all, i come online after 19:30 EET. You can find me in Freewind Post, where every night waiting you. And one more thing but not last one, be aware of youtube, soon lot’s of ppl will se your lies behind sparkling words and post’s, i mean lot more ppl from visitors in this pathetic site. Watch out folk’s 🙂
    PP: I read you words against whole country based on palm ppl , but rest of us send you our blessing and if someday you want to feel like a women in life, your daddy’s are waiting you here in Bulgaria with hard shafts for you. Cya around ^_^

    1. You may think that ganking lower-level players or AFK players is a sign of strength or courage. But the truth is, you’re just a beta-male pretending to be an alpha-male. I have the facts and statistics that prove you’re the one getting killed more and more, I showed them to you, yet you still brag about how you’re the one killing me. Against such stupidity, even the gods are helpless. No matter though, you’re giving me honor and I make gold from that honor when I convert it to gems. So please, keep up the good work!

      “Our gang” as you call it, is not worth a second thought. Every morning I flush one of your kind down the toilet with no remorse. I haven’t seen one Bulgarian person worth knowing, and I doubt I ever will. I have no interest in ever setting foot in your country, so I don’t need anything from you.

      I know you can find me in Freewind Post, mate. I’ve killed you at least 18 times already, don’t you remember? If you don’t, you should eat more fish or suck on matches, they contain phosphor which is good for your IQ. So, please come and meet me again and let me gain more honor. I’d be delighted!

      P.S.: Good luck with trying to get me shut down on YouTube – you’re going to need it!

      P.S.2: Bulgaria is the most unhappy country in Europe. This is not my fault. I am just reporting statistics (again). Your people is not worth knowing or visiting. Here, you get a link since you obviously do not have sense enough to check yourself: https://www.quora.com/Why-is-Bulgaria-the-most-unhappy-country-in-Europe

  3. Chani Nivaldo

    Hello again gankers. Every night I’m there at Freewind Post and waiting you. All ready i know your characters and spy’s and week and more , I see how Sylnera and Shorell login in, and showing they are at Thousand eedles, but after they see that I’m there , suddenly they login off. More funny is that you still thinking that im that noob guy with dk-s and druids and etc. But I’m not. I’m very happy to tell you that everytime, when i come online, my spy’s telling me that your big mouth login off.
    P.S: i have discord, so if you text me your acc i will txt you there. Hope you and your wife are healthy and happy, rest is just shadow and dust 😉

    1. What can I say…

      I’m flabbergasted by your wit, your superior character, and your inflated ego.

      So you’re not Olegsis. Big deal. So you have spys. Big deal.

      What’s your point?

      We see you’re there? Alone? or with your kindergarten friends? Because I refuse to think that you can be older than that and still find it funny to kill lowbies.

      Each their own, though, and as long as you do, we come online to smack your skinny backside.

      So yes, you’d better keep your spys up to not meet us.

      1. Chani Stanchev

        Nim i keep spy’s onlyne because i want to meet with you two. Don’t understand me wrong, i play this game just to fight with you too, that is my main and highest goal. Thats way i want your discord ot social chatt application so i can txt you when come online so you two come too and we began fight without lowbies and empty words. But you two , still not understanding my point. Be safe!
        PS: what is the name of this addon about statistics win/loses?

        1. I don’t know about Nim, but I killed you regularly 1 v 1, so yes, you are right, I don’t get your point. Nim and I have a busy life and we come online when we come online. I play other games (I have a YouTube channel where I review games — in French) so I obviously can’t be there all the time. Depends on the period of time, work, other games (I was about 3 months on Lost Ark), etc.

          There is one thing you have to understand: You are not the one deciding when we come online and kill you. We do. And I certainly will not give any of my social links to a ganker. I don’t have an inch of respect for this lower race of people and I certainly don’t want to have anything to do with such people.


          1. Chani Stanchev

            Sylnera, first with all my respect when a man speak with your wife , try not to put your ass between because i will not hesitate to make you one of my islamic b*ch. Second , when you compare me and you , never forget fact that you have a hedgehog hearth, and you never be able to stand with your name and coordinate like me for someone who want to speak with you. Stay on your four, and stick to the line where behind keyboard you are a big man.

          2. Well, actually, I spoke to her about that and her answer was: “Jeg tror ikke jeg svarer.” (I don’t think I’ll answer). I was nice enough to give you an answer, though. But you seem to be an angry little Bulgarian. Maybe you should try to go to England again or did they kick you out?

    2. Let’s set the record straight: We are not gankers, YOU are. We aren’t killing low levels, YOU are. We don’t bother other players, YOU do. So if someone calls us “gankers,” it’s not us they’re talking about.

      We also don’t stay online 24/7. During the evening especially, I’m likely to be running around to different alliance places like Lakeshire and Darkshire, as well as horde places like Thousand Needles and the Crossroads.

      It goes like this: First, I start up my alliance spies and my horde spies to check if there are any ganker I know online and if they are on a ganking place. If there is, I go to this place and take care of it. I have you and some of your alts, if I didn’t see you online, I didn’t come.

      Then, I have so these different vigilantes in different places on Azeroth and Northrend, and I take them one by one to check if there are any new ganker in these different places. If there is one, I take care of him as many time as needed and put him on my corresponding horde or alliance spy’s list for the next time. If there are no ganker there and everything is cool, I log off and check the next place: Ganker, I kill, no ganker, I log off and go to the next.

      So yes, if you wait for me to log on before you log on, if everything is cool in Thousand Needles, then yes, I have moved on.

      Let’s put this in simple terms, shall we? Since I have killed your different characters 13 times, and you have only managed to do this feat once, I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’m not the one who’s afraid here. You must really have a problem with reality. But that’s all too common among delusional people.

      And no, I’m not interested in your Discord. What you do or think doesn’t interest me in the slightest. The rule is very simple: if you come and gank anywhere I keep an eye on, whether it’s a Horde or Alliance place, if I’m online, I kill you, just like it’s happened 13 times before.

      See? Even you with an IQ below room temperature (in Celsius, not Fahrenheit!) should be able to grasp that much!

    3. Oooooh, now I get it! I thought you were Olegsis, who is ganking the Freewind Post, since you were commenting on the article. But now I understand that you’re actually Fantta, and the statistics I was looking at were wrong. Let’s take a look at the stats concerning you now

      Tsuks met my shadowpriest:

      Tsuks sucks

      Tsucks met Sylnera:

      Tsucks sucks big time
      For what about is your pitiful rogue, you’re so bad that you now just run away.

      I have it on video and will treat it in an article in this week-end.

      I guess that it is about time that I write an article about you. I think I’ll have time to write it this week-end.

      Don’t thank me! You’ve earned it!

      So… Fantta:

      Fantta sucks too

      And please note, that you are so bad at being a rogue that when I kick your ass in a 1v1 with my rogue, you run away and either come back with your healadin or back with some friends. Your boyfriend, Bebsiicle may be a better rogue, but not better than me! *Chuckle* You better practice more if you want to try and beat me!

      You need to kill a lot of lvl 35 to come to my level.

      Bebsiicle sucks too

      Oh, so you’re proud that with only two rogues you don’t go against the “rogue + heal” combo? That just shows you don’t know the first thing about PvP. But I understand, it can get tough trying to defeat opponents when all you ever face are lowbies.

      I noticed your tone changed a bit since you first contacted us. Are you exhausted from all those defeats you’ve been facing? Or perhaps you’ve just returned to Bulgaria and are feeling a bit down? Or is it a combination of both?

      Oh! Well… Your problem, I guess.

  4. Chani Nivaldo

    Hey, I’m glad that slowly but finally you get who I’m. As i remember time before last time you was pointing on Bebsicle , but in a moment when i come online ( i mist you for about 30sec) you and Nim log off. I felt very sad because last time i was with my heladin and as far i remember, you and your wife hopeless trying to take me down , but fortunately you died first with glory , and your wife run in shadows and safe her life just on edge. Few times you show up when we fighting with other hordes and waiting when we are distracted, jumping on me or other allys in cloak of sneak. That for me is not honourable but as you set in other posts, our “personal” war can’t be putted on honour borders. Its past one year all ready and you still didn’t stop us from ganking, even you motivated me moreand more. About our IQ i think person’s in real life can judge us, I don’t bother of your opinion about me, because I don’t care about you. Your only weapon is to insult and talk nonsense and I respect and understand that, so you can continue to speak whatever you want, just please don’t forget to set some nice article about me. As you said, for this past one year I earned it. To be honest you wrong again with saying that i play 24/7. But is okay. I understand you much more now since we chat so long time. I get to knowing you. It’s taken so much time to understand who I’m, and now you are in wrong again because you don’t want to know. Before 12 years i played this game like crazy, then i was played 24/7 and i was wow freak. Last 5 years I didn’t play, but before a year, one friend told me this: “ Hey buddy i know two rogues they show up in one horde territory, and when you go there and kill lowbies they go with them 80-s and begin really fun, if you want lets drow you there and you will se what im talking about” . First i said that I don’t have time to play long wow since i have family and two kids and i have lots of responsibility and i can effort only hour or hour and half in wow and i want just personal 2v2 or 1v1 battles. And in the moment when i come on Freewind Post and you too show up and not only you, when i kill lowbies they have other characters, they login with them and fight is ready. We killing each other sometimes we win sometimes other 80-s (that includes you two with your wife and your friends) but i get nice hour and half played time. To be honest if you and Nim not showing anymore at Freewind Post will really devastated me. I hope you two continues to come there to protect lowbies and have a good time together.
    PS: In your head and your prisms me and you we are very different because you add lowbies in calculation, but in my prism we are really value person’s with our believes and fight with ideas and purposes. Because i saw lots of kids that they really don’t have honnor they are not persistent and really ruins other players gametime and your family fighting against that and I respect that. Good luck and be safe and healthy aways

    1. No, I didn’t mistake you for Bebsiicle. I have fought him several times (including 1 v 1) and killed him several times – he is much better than you. I thought you were Olegsis because you wrote your comment there and you didn’t even bother to introduce yourself properly. You might think these mind games are funny, but it’s the kind of joke a 12 year old would think is hilarious. So, you’re surprised that I think you have a two-digit IQ? Well… Whatever you say, pal.

      I don’t think you know me as well as you think you do, but it doesn’t really matter to me. People who get their kicks by bothering others are not people I’m interested in knowing. Normally, they’re not very intelligent (although they think they are… They just have a skewed way of evaluating their IQ… Their intelligence evaluate their IQ, see?).

      For what was about killing me in Freewind Post with your healadin, you got it wrong: I didn’t think we could do it (logically we shouldn’t even be able to get you that low down as you were. I know my healadin never did against two rogues) but we gave it a try. Nim was about to die, so I told her to vanish and go, and me too (I was pretty low myself), but then, she couldn’t vanish at this moment, and it looked like you were going after her, so I chose to get back into the fight to get killed so she could get out. Otherwise you wouldn’t have got me. Your deduction on this one proves that 1) you actually don’t have a clue on PvP and 2) you obviously don’t know me that well ;-).

      Ah, as I mentioned before: We make the decisions on when to come, not you. And if the stats are anything to go by, our approach has been working wonders. No need for any changes here. In case you’re wondering what this has to do with you, don’t worry, I explain it all in my article, Life and Death of a Ganker. It’s got nothing to do with you personally, I’m afraid.

      Now, as for this “prism” and “calculation” you mentioned, I’m totally lost. Sounds like a figment of your imagination. All I’m saying is that you kill lowbies and you really suck in 1v1 – that’s it. What comes after is all just empty words to justify your cowardice.

      1. Chani Stanchev

        So if I understand properly, finally you admit that defenders of World of WarCraft , that fighting against gankers and constantly insulting about them IQ, die in 2vs1. If you was so smart as you telling and pointing, you wouldn’t fight two rogues against heladin, but obviously you make decision and died. I really don’t care who tou save or not, this is not WWII, this is game if you die you reborn. So stop with that pathetic explanation about how you two died by me. Next time when you defend and explain something choice your words wisely, because you risk as you done bow to crack you aura of “we are good in pvp-s you all are not”. And to me honest actually me and more other ppl make decision about when you come online and when not. I know is hard to accept with your big ego, but as you mentioned, you cone online when you see in some zone or place ganker, so if I’m on right spot you come to me, and that is the true. So yes, i decide when tou will come online and when not. Just advice- chose wisely what character and how many ppl you attack me, I don’t want to cry of your bad decision’s. Good luck with your streaming and vloging and with other games. Hope there you put more intelligence of what you putting and showing in Freewind Post and this website. طاب مساؤك

        1. No, you don’t understand me properly. And yes, I know we’re reborn – my explanation was not pathetic, it was just to replace reality, but it seems you’re afraid of it. And just to remind you how far you are from it: I explained to you why I died, and you replied: “So stop with that pathetic explanation about how you two died by me“. Nim never died “by you”. You never ever got her. Not even once. Not even this one time.

          The reality is that:

          1) You don’t control when we come, and you never will – so it is with every ganker. We do wisely choose what character we come and kill you with, and we always do.
          2) You got killed almost every time and you will keep on getting killed almost every time – so is every ganker.
          3) You try to insult us by saying we have a big ego when in fact, you do and you can’t because you suck at pvp and have to kill low levels to boost it – so does every ganker.
          4) You are a pitiful beta-male who believes he is an alpha male. To prove it, you go and bothers other players who are badly geared or lower levels and you try to explain how honorful you are and how good at PvP you are – so does every ganker.

          The irony of it all is that you think you’re any different? You may think you can control us, but the truth is – you can’t. You may think you can outsmart us, but in reality – you can’t. We all know the real truth – except every ganker.

          In short, the only thing you can decide is when you go and kill low levels… And that’s not even totally true because you have to wait for your boyfriend to do so.

          Finally: As you might know if you ever tried to whisper me, I don’t discuss with gankers, they are not worth it. They do not accept reality and it is pointless. I made an exception with you, but it only reminded me of the importance of this principle.

          Therefore, don’t expect any answer to your comments from now on. I let these comments go through so you have this explanation, but if your further comments are of the same level, don’t expect them to even come through.

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