Nimrasil and Scorpyo going arenas

(03/05-2010) – So we did it! We finally did it!

Arena Pass has started on a special server. You get 3 level 80’s that you can chose, gear and everything and some time to gear up and ready yourself: Duels, skirmishes, find partners, etc.

May 25th, it all starts: rated game against each other.

If we have at least 50 rated game on the same team in the last four week, we get an Armored Murloc pet.

And if we are member of an arena team that is ranked in the top 1,000, all our characters over level 71 get the title “Vanquisher”

The thing that interest us most in all this, is in fact, that we all start alike. You can have any gear you want, any gem you want, any enchant you want (also low level enchant or reputation-based enchants), so you can freely chose whatever you want.

When it will come to arenas, the teams with the best skill will win.

Of course, Nim and I hope to be in the top 1,000. That could be real great and fun.

And if we are not, well… Then we will have learned a lot of things about PvP, teamwork, etc. And that is very valuable.

So whatever happens, we win!

Video here:

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