Attack on Durotar

(16/06-2010) – Martenus, from the Horde’s guild <Deception> has prepared a PvP-event for the 20th of June.

Here are the details (from his post in the forum of Warcraft)

I’ll be there, you can count on it.

Here are the details and video:

Listen my mighty brethren, our invasion to Eastern Kingdoms has failed. The corpses of our people has not turned to dust yet and the Alliance is gathering forces for devastating counter-attack. It is up to us now, up to the remaining defenders to protect the cradle of horde – Orgrimmar and our greatest leader, Thrall. This time … we will be prepared!

So hello guys, Martenus is back again with his realm-wide events and this one is open-continueing of the previous events: Battle at the Dark Portal, the invasion of Horde into EK and Battle of Stormwind, a horde assault on the alliance capital city.

I thought it would be nice idea to focus now on the alliance and to give them a free space for attack as well. So there we go and we start with the invasion of their forces! As you all for sure know, in world war II, the alliance invasion into europe took place in France (omaha beach and some other) and this day is written in history as the D-day. From this idea I took the info to our current event. Continue reading please.

Schedule of the event:
Sunday 20th June, 17:00 realm time (this might change)
Alliance gather point: Echo Isles, Durotar
Horde gather point: Sen’jin Village, Durotar
Gathering starts from 16:00 realm time (this might change)

What to take with you:
Your PvP gear, your fashy gear, frasp or screenshoter, good mood, guild and friends, cake

The leader of the Alliance will be added to this post, but so far I believe someone from Flare will hold this position. The leader of the Horde will be .. yea ok, me.

Don’t start any fighting before 17:00 realm time
Keep your PvP off until that time
Don’t come to event if you wanna spam the chat with emotes and silly things

The Alliance leader will ensure that he gathers all the forces on the Echo Isles and at 17:00 he launches an assault on the Sen’jin village. If successfully conquered, Alliance must regroup and pull to the north, through Razor Hill and throught the valley passage in front of Orgrimmar. Horde forces will try to disturb their progression on all of the way from Sen’jin to Orgrimmar. If Alliance successfully invade the Orgrimmar and manage to kill the Thrall, they win the event and can be proud of themselves.

Don’t forget this is pretty much about the numbers you brings. The more soldiers you bring, the bigger chances you have. This is valid for Horde defence as well.

I will put additional information if needed.

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