Last Arenas for Rhonae and Sheket

(25/05-2021) – So… Sheket just needs one piece of equipment (head) to be full Relentless (except the weapons).

She has 519 Arena-point and needs 770 for the headpiece.

She will receive 261 tomorrow, Wednesday, which will give her 780 Arena points so she’s all good.

She’s not BiS geared, yet. I gear my characters in two steps: First from their questing greens/blue or bought lvl 78 gear to Relentless through Battlegrounds and Wintergrasp, and then, if I feel it is a good thing, to BiS later on.

Sheket will be one geared to BiS, that’s for sure, but it will take a while before I get there.

In the last arenas, only the first fight is a “real” one. On the second fight, only one player went to fight us, we killed him and before we went to the second, he left.


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