Does Blizzard practice censorship of unsatisfied customers?

(28/03-2010) – Since the patches 3.x – latency has been a problem.

The last half year, customer support has become a problem.

If you write to a Game Master about a problem, you end up having a mail from their “GM-robot” and on that, you can click on “close discussion” or “more information”.

Tone has become hard, people swearing, harassing, etc are not taken care of. If you file a complain, you get the above answer “we take care of it-robot” and still you get harassed by same player or can see them spam trade with “anal” or other of the same kind.

After patch 3.x (don’t remember exactly), many players (myself too) got a lot of latency problems and disconnection.

According to Blizzard, it was because of a problem in “our” end (the few millions that have problems) and you had pseudo-help kind of: shut down your modem, let it be shut down in 10 minutes and turn it on again.

It didn’t work ,so the user got the “advice” to shut down the modem and let it be shut down in half an hour instead!

I wonder why they didn’t ask him to run in the garden too?

I wrote a quite ironic post on their forum about that a prayer to Elune and naked dancing in the rain will help.

Here is the post… still online, but the follow up about magical solutions is gone.

(I was cut out myself… maybe because of problems with my connection, server, computer, modem, haircolor…)

And funny enough, the dancing in the rain obviously worked… Magic I guess! I could connect even though I didn’t change anything.

Note that later on, Blizzard admitted they had a latency problem.

But… the deed was done. I have been bad against Blizzard and critisized them… How terrible.

I should bother some players instead, swear at them and spam trade, it seems to be okay…

I have begin to look at other online games, this is beginning to be not much fun any longer. If not, I’ll just close my account.

Anyway, I wrote a mail to Blizzard’s Billing Department asking for a discount. No reason I should pay the same price like everyone else for less service. Here is the mail


I found out that I am unable to post on technical forums. My account is “frozen or prohibitd”.

As far as i can understand, it must come from the time where you had even worse lag than now and where a “blue ticket” adviced users to “restart modem wait 10 minutes and start it again”.

It didn’t work.

So “restart modem, wait 30 minutes and start it again”:

I ironized quite a bit about that since this is really to treat us as idiot “something about singing a ballade to Elune or dancing in the garden turned toward east would help”.

– Fact is, by the way, that I could connect a bit later (without changing anything to my set up which is fine in every matter).

– Fact is, that Blizzard had a start message where then ended up excusing lag and log in problems (so it wasn’t customer!).
– Fact is, that some of the post about this matter (blue included, funny enough) has been removed.
– Fact is, that you excluded me from writting in forum even though I didn’t troll, was unpolite or anything else but I *did* pointed out the bad support.

I tried to write into support forum for a month and first found out of how things hang together a couple of days ago, because honestly, I really didn’t imagine me being “banned” from writing.

Now my question is: How come I have to pay same price per month like other customers but not being able to enjoy the same rights than other customers?

Is it okay, your staff treats customers like idiots but it is not all right we don’t like it? Rather: *I* don’t appreciate it much 🙂 don’t know about you, of course.

I would like to know two things:

1) If I can expect some sort of discount or some free day’s game for the same price instead of forum access — in this case I imagine it is you, at the billing department that takes care of that.


2) Wether or not I might get access to write in forum again or if you have a solution with longer playing time for the rest of my time with you.

Thank you for your answer.

I never got any answer (and never got my discount) but my access to forum has been reinstated.

I suppose I should be glad?


Few days later, after my login was reinstated, I got an answer with a link to “momentary hicups kind of things – try again in a few hours” (my access was prohibited for weeks nothing to do with my password or things like that, as you can see from posted picture). Anyway, here is the mail from Blizzard:


Thanks for your e-mail. You’ll be glad to hear your forum account is not banned from the forums. It’s possible you were experiencing a temporary login issue at the time. Some possible reasons for forum login problems are covered in a thread on the forums:


If none of the solutions covered there seem to help, please let us know. As said in the thread, while we can’t guarantee it’s something we can fix, we’ll investigate and see whether we’re able to assist in any way.

Kind regards,

The Community Team

Blizzard Entertainment Europe

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