Scream, Aim Fiiiiire!

Let me start by saying: We didn’t call our guild Scream Aim Fire because of this song, I heard it for the first time ever this week.

There was a Horde PvP guild on Blade’s Edge EU called Scream Aim Fire and Nim and I liked the name a lot.

Our horde PvP guild was called <Choppa Chicks> (We’re real, we’re tough, we rock, we make gold to buy a choppa, was the motto Nim had found).

But we couldn’t have <Choppa Chicks> here… I don’t think Merides would have looked tough with the guild name <Choppa Chicks> under his name…

So we thought that Scream Aim Fire, which was a name we liked would suit us fine.

Since then, I found out it was actually the name of a song performed by Bullet for my Valentine. IN fact, a great song, I’ll have to check out the album!

Here it is. Enjoy!

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