Such Insolence – Such Arrogance – Must Be Punished

Azazelle, lvl 57, one of Scorps alts, asked me, Celesti, lvl 80 badly equipped Death Knight, to boost her through Stratholme. So I waited for her in Eastern Plagueland. She didn’t have the flight path yet, so she had to come all the way from Ironforge.

While I waited, and just before Azazelle arrived, I noticed a blood elf hunter, lvl 68, by the name Eyegreen. He was targetting different NPC’s, and he hadn’t seen me, yet.

After I’ve followed his wandering around for a couple of minutes, he finally saw me. I just kept looking at him without doing anything. So he switched his focus to something else.

Then Azazelle arrived.

To be honest, I didn’t think he would have the nerve to attack her, with me standing near him, and with us clearly belonging to the same guild.

I don’t know what the guy thought about, but he sent his pet to attack Azazelle, and I grabbed him and killed him with one blow.

Afterwards, Azazelle spitted on his dead body and whispered him and told him just how noobish he was.

Eyegreen tried to gank Azazelle
Eyegreen the noob attacked Azazelle

I kept babbling about how I didn’t expect him to attack. How can anyone be so stupid? I don’t remember his hair, this green eyed blood elf, but it must have been blonde.

Eyegreen has managed to get 4 PvP kills
Eyegreen has managed to get 4 PvP kills

I just checked him on the Armory. He’s reached lvl 80, and he has 4 PvP kills in his record. So besides ganking lowlevel players, he’s managed to at least participate in 4 kills of persons who were his level or just below him.

Bravo! 😉

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