*ss-kicking has started

(01/05-2012) – Yesterday… Rather… This morning, I was running around in Ashenvale with my new noobish warlock, Azazelle, she was level 45 at that time and on her way to Feralas to level (she is, right now, 48).

I had just made some macros so I wanted to test them on low level mobs while I was on my way. So did I.

While I was killing low level mobs, a level 80 bloodelf hunter,Eladius, came by.

Do you think he passed by? Do you think he moved along?

Of course not!

According to the Horde’s honorless code… of course he dismounted and ganked me.

And I got p!ssed. Horde here are just a bunch of gankers and they are unable to PvP unless 1) they are 2 to 1 (at least) or 2) they are much higher level (even a couple of level higher, they are easy to take down, did it plenty of times).

So I switched to my rogue, Silah

She is undergeared (level 71-72 gear that I made myself), only one piece of equipment is level 80, one of her dagger (but she is working her gear up, so it won’t last long before she is geared). But I HAVE played rogue on retail for a while (even wrote a book about it) and I can manage quite fine!

Anyway… I switched to Silah and went for Eladius.

Whatya know… When I arrived in Auberdine and was looking for him, here he was! Waiting for the boat to Exodar (I guess he was exploring and that didn’t keep him from ganking low levels). Stupid provoked me to duel.

Now one thing about duels: I don’t duel, only with my friends and only after agreements, and if there is a good reason (testing gear or abilities) and I certainly don’t duel horde… I kill them! That’s easier.

His idea was, I guess, that since I wasn’t PvP flagged, that I will be if I accepted, and he expected to kill me… He had more health than me, his pet… He was sure of himself…

… Big mistake!

I left… not too far… Stealthed, and got back to him.

Then I attacked.

In a matter of a few seconds, I got him down to 1/3 health. I screwed up my stunlock, so he could Disengage. I guess he was hysterically clicking and pushing buttons whiled stunned and while seeing his health go down and down.

Disengage pulled him in the water.

His dumb pet was attacking me.

I believe Stupid thought, I would be fighting his pet (why should I? I can’t even skin the beast!).

I went after him in the water… Shadowstep – I was behind him – Backstab… The last third of his health went to zero.

Then I whispered him something like: That was for ganking my level 45, you noob. Horde on this realm are noobs. They can only gank, but on one on one, they are noobs at PvP. Come back up here and I’ll spank you again!

He was the second I avenged myself upon – the first was a druid who tried to kill Silah when she was 7 levels below him (his name is Loony). He didn’t succeed. I hunted him down later on (when I was only 2 level over him) and got him killed in Shadowmoon Valley.

I do have a database over the people who have ganked my low levels, or tried to gank me or have ganked my friends, Nimrasil or Meteron, I am about getting geared and I am coming for you!

I don’t forgive, I don’t forget!

See you soon!

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