The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year – March 2022

The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year - March 2022 - illustration(02/04-2022) – I planned to wait until the end of April to write about the gankers of the year.  But things have happened and I have enough to make a “Most Stupid of the Year” of the month of March 2022.

Let’s see…

Here are the names of the gankers we killed in March 2022. Between parenthesis is the number of times we killed them in total (not only in March).

The nominated for the Most Stupid Ganker of the Year – March 2022 are:

Alliance: Adderino (1), Astrowalker (1), Boomg (1), Carreragt (26), Chocoholic (1), Corber (8), Cxty (3), Desirogue (2), Dkhead (2), Duuduuduuduu (2), Elwei (3), Furymann (2), Gigaalpha (9), Imagodx (5), Mafiot (11), Mirila (1), Kachoom (3), Mirthless (1), Moogli (132), Ninjamali (1),  Outtie (4), Poqpoq (11), Reemylacroix (3), Saganur (1), Shige (1), Spritte (28), Thecutewolf (1), Thelasto (2).

Horde: Aragonxx (9), Azzas (6), Boneshivers (2), Bugged (1), Calixa (1), Cineruss (2), Deepdotz (2), Eskuel (1), Exoffender (1), Fackyuo (2), Farno (10), Feanorjr (19),  Gusterica (5), Henip (1), Hinterdiryo (7), Jhoness (1), Jrrequeim (1), Lakupilpou (1), Maldita (2), Momtaker (2), Negara (1), Nnyxx (1), Nuzruk (5), Paladindxd (1), Philaf (1), Qingdaodk (1), Sabijach (3), Salveregiena (1), Senex (1), Serarboc (5), Sknu (1), Spleenhit (1),  Standu (1), Tamahagane (3), Templlar (3), Vervain (1), Vivehk (37), Yiseong (1).

Please note again, the number between parenthesis is not the number of times we or I have killed them in these last month, but the number of times we or I have killed them in all.

That they are on this list says that they have been ganking one or several times in these last months.

This was the list of the nominated . Now let’s see who will get the medals of the most stupid gankers for March 2022.

Third place – Bronze

The third place is given to Outtie, human warrior – originally troll warrior, he was ganking Lakeshire. He was around together with Aragonxx, Templlar, Haliiax and other noobs trying to gank the place. We went there with our death knight and my healadin. They ended being 3 vs. 2: Eskuel (noob death knight), Aragonxx (supernoob retri paladin) and Outtie… One of the stupidest ganker ever. Since they were all on me, they finally did get me, but my team-mate, unholy death knight, had all the time in the world to hit them and kill them, so they all died. They did log off after that.

A while after, I didn’t see Outtie online (depression?) and then, around mid March, I saw him… As a human warrior. He is still in Lakeshire and speaks with his horde-friends and tries to trap other people (us too?) so he’s gonna hear more from you if he keeps on doing this.

For being such a dick to other, a traitor and a ganker and for being as bad as he is in PvP, Outtie gets the bronze medal and the third place this month (and with that, a chance to get into the grand finale in December 2022 for the title of the most stupid ganker of the year.

Last time he was killed was (as horde) the 4th of March 2022 by Faeeli and Zharalys in 3v2.


Second place – Silver

The second place this month is going to Henip – blood-elf rogue – he is a newcomer ganker. I saw him only once i Lakeshire where he was going for the flight master (how original!). I had just landed with my lvl 78 twink and he didn’t see me, so I took a bit of distance, time to find out of what the situation was. He was low on HP because of the fight so I followed him. He was so low on HP, that I didn’t want to attack him, because even though I could have one shot him, I wouldn’t get any honor. He was just too low. But I kept around and… well… I got honor.

Honestly, when you are that bad at pvp, you should train in battleground or real pvp, not in ganking. That’s not the way to learn pvp at all.

For his stupidity, Henip gets a silver medal and a second place. He must have been really sorry to get killed by my lvl 78 because I haven’t seen him online at all after this day.

You can see the fight here:

Last time, and only time for now, he was killed, was the 7th of March 2022 by Solika (lvl 78).


Honorable mentions

Before we go to the gold and first place, here are some honorable mentions:

Vivehk: Ha! Vivehk! One of the funniest one to kill! His only big pleasure left is to hurry up in Lakeshire (or eventually Darkshire), kill the flightmaster and then log off. And that is a biiiig win for him (just like I explain it in this article about how gankers live and die: Life and Death of a Ganker). Most of the time, when he does that, we don’t have time to stop what we are doing and to find him, but if he stays just a little bit longer, he get pwned. He was killed last time on the 31st of March in Lakeshire by Sheket.

Nuzruk: A hunter hiding on the roof of the inn in Darkshire. I got him once, he got me once (I was writing 22222 in chatbox! I hate when it happens!) Then I pulled myself together but he escaped me. Later on, he came back on the roof, killed two lowbies before I had time to get to him, then he switched to some alliance to say something like “is the noob rogue [me] still here?”.  Then he went back on the roof. I killed him four times… Yups! The “noob” rogue was still here! I haven’t seen him since. He was killed last time on the 9th of March 2022 by Hatsel.

Feanorjr: A blood elf warlock who absolutely wants to gank Astranaar. First time I killed him, it was with a totally ungeared rogue with the eviscerator set (178 item level). After I killed him three or four times, he came back with a friend, another warlock. You need that to kill a low-geared rogue! These two were too stupid to stick together, so I just waited until they were a bit far from each other, and I picked them up and killed them after turn. Idiots!

Then I saw that he was gearing pretty heavy and my ungeared rogue had more and more difficulties to get to him. So I sent her somewhere else and I sent my gnome rogue, Petiswix, there.

I have been chainkilling him since. Yesterday, he was also with a friend with whom he obviously goes arena (retri-paladin) and they were looking for me. Then there was an alliance death knight that showed up and we took them easy in 2 v 2. He was killed last time on April 2nd by Petiswix in Astranaar, Ashenvale. 

Spritte: He was originally horde, undead priest and was regularly trying to gank Darkshire and Lakeshire. We killed him several times there. He then switched faction and he’s now night elf. And instead of ganking Darkshire or Lakeshire, he tries now, with as little luck as earlier, to gank Freewind Post in Thousand Needles. Also here, we killed him several times so now, he only dares to come up there if they are two (with a healadin) or even three to five… That’s what you need against two rogues and a bunch of level 20s! He was killed 28 times: 9 times as horde and 19 times as alliance. He was killed last time on March 27th in Freewind Post by Sylnera.

Momtaker and Exoffender: Last honorable mention is two friends, again on top of the inn in Darkshire, a warrior and a mage ganking lowbies from up there. Low geared, no ideas about pvp (you can’t really learn pvp by killing lowbies, strangely enough!). They were a piece of cake for my rogue, Hatsel. Killed last time (twice for the warrior) 21st of March 2022 by Hatsel.

First place – Gold

Moogli Smoothbrain - IllustrationThis time, Moogli Smoothbrain has gone from honorable mention to gold. He’s one of the record for getting killed. We are up to 132 times. Every single time it is the same (loser) tactic:

He goes to Freewind Post, I kill him with my rogue. Then he rezzes, tries to kill the flight master and/or a couple of NPCs or low levels before I kill him (he can be lucky and succeed, but it is extremely rare).

Sometimes he rezzes on the graveyard so he doesn’t give any honor when getting killed and, if he is lucky, he might have enough power to kill a lvl 20 before I one-shoot him (which is pretty rare too). He can rez several times at graveyard, which gives him a lot of gold to pay in repairs, and which makes me very happy each time.

To know more about Moogli Smoothbrain, you can check this article. He is definitly and without a doubt, this month’s dumbest ganker. He was killed last time the 26th of March 2022 by Sylnera in Freewind post – 1,000 Needles.

That was it for this month of March. As you can see, it has been busy. I’ll see you in a month or two or three (depending of activity) for more contender to the first price. (Mazal)

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