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Warriors are back!

Ho… Well… I guess: One Time Warrior – Always Warrior! Nim and I decided to reopen <Warriors of the North> so today, september 7th 2010 the Warriors are back online! To apply: Just contact one of us online or write a comment here 🙂


Since we know we still have <Warriors> out there, that maybe aren’t interested in getting into the FaceBook trap, we thought that we could keep the blog going by having Nimrasil and Scorpyo’s blog. We can’t just stop writing about what we see out there, there are so many strange, crazy, funny, irritating, bizarre things …

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Attack on Durotar

Martenus, from the Horde’s guild <Deception> has prepared a PvP-event for the 20th of June. Here are the details (from his post in the forum of Warcraft) I’ll be there, you can count on it. Here are the details and video: