No! I really don’t care!

No, I really don't care!(19/07-2023) – Hunting down gankers is a lifestyle for me, and I thoroughly enjoy it, whether they belong to the Horde or Alliance. Gankers are pitiful, bad players with a touch of narcissism or psychopathy.

In short, they are beta males, underdogs, unsuccessful in almost everything they do, and their only way to feel like an alpha male is by killing low levels, bothering them, and ruining their fun.

I have written a whole article about their psychology and the way they operate. You can read the article titled “Life and Death of a Ganker” here: Life and Death of a Ganker.

So, yesterday… Well, actually, today early in the morning (I am on holidays, so I have been staying up late), I was hunting gankers and met an old ganker friend whom I hadn’t seen in a while: Corber. He was ganking Crossroads (he usually alternates between Crossroads and Freewind Post).

I defeated him easily, as expected, since most gankers are terrible at PvP (see video below).

In this case, and like explained in the article Life and Death of a Ganker, gankers like to switch to a Horde character (or to create a level 55 Death Knight) to send insulting messages. These poor guys really hate it when they get killed by someone at their own level. How unfair can I be!

This is why I use an add-on called “Peace.” Essentially, it stops any private messages (“whispers” as they are called in WoW) from anyone who is not in my friend list, guild, or that I have not whispered to first (although this feature can sometimes have bugs, and people I whispered might not be able to whisper me back, but that’s a minor issue).

If people who are not in my guild or friend list try to whisper me, they receive the following message:

You aren’t in my guild or friend list. I can’t see your whisper. Only they can whisper me. If you want to contact me, write in general or /say. If you are a ganker that I’m killing: I can’t see your whisper, and I don’t care about what you think or say.

According to the statistics on one of my accounts (I have four accounts on Warmane), it has blocked 383 whispers since I installed it. So, it does its job well.

I can have it block whispers silently (so I don’t know I have been whispered), but I prefer it to notify me: “This or this guy just tried to whisper you,” because then, I get the ganker’s name, and since the guy ganks from one faction, he likely ganks from the other as well, so he ends up on my ganker-list.

Furthermore, these individuals are added to our hatelist, which we share in the guild. If they ever need help or are attacked, we won’t lend a hand. And of course, we will not help them in any way, whether with quests, groups, or PvP.

Right after I defeated Crappy Corber, I received a bunch of whispers from “Kazinos” (a level 55 Death Knight. How inventive!).

He attempted to spam me with whispers, as you can see. For each of his whispers, he received my standard response. Obviously, he still doesn’t grasp that I genuinely don’t care about what a crappy, retarded person like him thinks or has to say about me or to me.

No, I really don't care!

I wonder how much fun he has talking to an automatic response…

Oh, yes, it says that I can view the whisper. First, I genuinely don’t care, so I don’t do it, and even if I wanted to, I can’t. This ability is bugged and doesn’t work on Warmane. And I never tried to find a fix for it because I don’t care.

No, I really don't care!

So, whatever.

But anyway: No! I really do not care about what these lowlifes have to say or think (if they can do so) about me.

Funny to see that they are so narcissistic that they can’t understand that simple thing. (Scorpyo)

2 thoughts on “No! I really don’t care!”

    1. Well… Since I killed you over 142 times last year, I will say: “You first, moron.” 🙂

      You gave me roughly over 17,500 honor last year. That is corresponding to 3 war mounts or to about 17 gems which my jewelcrafter can sell for about 250 g a piece. So, roughly, about 4250 gold. And then I had a lot of fun because you’re stupid and easy to kill. Thank you!

      Oh! And you know? We have a contest of who is the most stupid ganker of the year. Month after month, we give them medals. You have won several. At the end of the year, we elect the most stupid ganker of the year. Here you have the final results for 2022 (and you are in the contest): https://zeguild.com/2813/

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