Moogli Smoothbrain

Moogli Smoothbrain - Illustration(03/03-2022) – I have written a bit about Moogli in my article about The Most Stupid Ganker of the Year (January – February 2022). In this article, I will talk a bit about the dude who got killed more than a hundred times in a pretty brief time span.

Moogli is an Alliance druid on server Icecrown. He is Balanced and Resto and decently geared. Funny thing, he is in the guild Orion. I remember a druid (feral) from Orion named “Apricotie” (he is not in the guild any longer and he hasn’t been online for the last couple of years) who was ganking Thrallmar. He was also terrible at PvP, sucked and I killed him close to a hundred times, too.

First, you have to know, that using the name from a character from the lore or from another lore in a fantasy game is regarded with disdain. It shows that you are too dumb to find your own name and that you are extremely immature. And unless you are between five and seven years old (kind of: We say that I’m Tarzan and you’re Zorro). So each time you see a “Gimli” or “Legolas” or something like that, that will tell you that you are confronted to a kid or to a fantasy less and immature player. Don’t take him too seriously.

But it gets worse when the dude not only wants to use the name from another lore, but wants this name so absolutely so he goes to extreme to get the name: putting “xx” in front or behind the name (Xxgimlixx) or use an alternative spelling: “Moogli” instead of “Mowgli” or “Haliiax” instead of “Haliax”.

That means that there was already an idiot who got the name first, so the new idiot wants absolutely to be as idiotic as the first idiot (or the second or third).

That gives a hint about the IQ of the player.

Moogli Smoothbrain

Now, here comes the smooth brain part (“smooth brain” is an expression to tell someone is a total idiot – see the definition in Urban Dictionary here): The dude ganking Freewind Post in Thousand Needles is totally noob at PvP.  The only thing he can kill is the flight master, who respawn after two to three minutes, so no one cares, a few NPCs, who also respawn after a couple of minutes and a couple of low-level players… If he is lucky (many time I killed before he could get that far).

So my guess is, that Moogli Smoothbrain is very proud and see it as a great victory if he kills the flight master or a low level before I get to him (exactly by the book of the perfect ganker, see here).

I’ve killed him over hundred times and I am not sure he understood it, he seems pretty dense. He held a brief pause a couple of weeks earlier to try to gank other places, but it obviously didn’t go too well either, so he went back to me and to Thousand Needles. He is away for now, but we’ll see what the future will bring.

Here is a little video of some kills. On one of them (or is it two?) they are two against me (Moogli and a Noobadin), but they still didn’t make it (a horde paladin came and help at the last minute, but it wasn’t needed. But okay. Anyway… Enjoy! (Mazal)







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