Haliiax – When DK means “Dumb Knucklehead”

When DK means “Dumb Knucklehead” - Haliiax - Illustration(25/02-2022) – Yesterday, I saw a very bizarre comment on our blog under a post talking about a horde ganker called Stavrii. It was written in almost unintelligible English (even Google translate can do much better) filled with weird abbreviations, no caps, no apostrophes, no punctuation. Just a weird long phrase. Definitely not Stavrii’s style.

I had difficulties making sense of it all. It spoke about IQ, deletion and weird things, so at first, I thought it was someone who arrived the wrong place. Maybe he needed help of a kind. A psychiatrist, maybe? Electroshocks? Weird!

Here is the comment (I moved it and my answers below this article so you can see for yourself):

both of u litteraly suck tooo freakin much i ve deleted u both with my udk u were blood and udk never seen such a low iq players

After quite a while and a couple of exchanges where I found out that this guy doesn’t like Jews, I found out of who he was.

He is a horde ganker used to gank Lakeshire that we have killed several times, last time yesterday. We killed him in Darkshire with our under-geared rogues too, by the way, but I don’t think he knows them and he certainly doesn’t have enough thinking power to remember it.

Who is Haliiax?

Haliiax is an unholy Death Knight who bought all his gear. He has no arena rating, never got one (we do), got 4531 kills at this date. Most of these kills were done either in battleground or while ganking AFK’s or in 2 vs. 1 or many vs. 1.

What does he mean by deleting us?

I believe he means “killing us”. And yes, it is right, he managed to kill us a couple of times. Few times, to be truthful, but he managed. And he is so proud of this that he calls this to “delete” us.

What does statistic says?

Well, depends. Let’s look at some numbers.

I’ve killed him with two rogues, one in Lakeshire (that he managed to kill once too) and one in Darkshire (that he never could kill). The statistic of this account somehow isn’t there, so we’ll have to let it go (I do have screenshot, though).

I also killed him with my hybrid Death Knight, several times, but since I moved this character back to Horde, the statistic is gone.

What says the other account, then?

Well… two loss for 21 wins.

What about Nim? What does her statistic say?

Okay, 30 wins four loss with her Death Knight. One of the loss was the day before yesterday where they were three against her.

And then two wins for one loss with her rogue.

Not bad for someone who sucks so much. I wonder how it is to lose again and again against suckers?

Now, here is the fundamental difference between normal players and deranged, half (or totally) sociopathic players (you can read the profile of the gankers in this article):

When we go PvP, we are prepared that we can’t always win. I mean, that’s the rule of PvP. If you want to win all the time, stick to dungeons.

And in the case against Haliiax, Nim had just respec’ed to Unholy (she originally had the same spec as mine, hybrid) and she lost a few fights.

Well, we, normal players, when we lose a fight, we look at the combat log and try to understand what happened, what we did wrong, what we should do instead or what we can try to do so we get better.

A ganker will not. For them, since they believe they are superior beings, perfects and PvP gods, it is always some other reason: Either because we 2 vs. 1 (which we are sometimes, cf. the article I spoke about earlier), or, like against Haliiax, if we are 2 vs. 2, it is because their partner is ungeared or maybe they have lag, or… I don’t know.

After we killed Haliiax and his “partner” Aragonxx (it is considered idiotic to blend different lores from different stories, by the way), the story was, that it was just because Aragonidiot was ungeared.

Haliiax forgot totally that we won several 2v2 against him and Dawnoflight, who is very well geared and against him and Elyot (Dawnoflight’s paladin) who also is very well geared. Truth is also, that one of the times, Elyot courageously bubbled and Hearthed and left his “friend” to die. What a nice thing to do. Note the two skeleton in front: Theirs from a fight right before this one.

Therefore, his solution is now that he needs at least two friends to dare to gank Lakeshire. Last night, they were up to five people before they dared.

Still, he sees himself as superior.

In short, you can see that here, we have (again) a totally conform profile of the typical ganker. The typical loser who thinks he is great by killing low levels, AFK’s or by being several vs. one and who get out of his small mind when he gets his ass kicked.

You can’t imagine how much it pleases us! Since he is antisemitic, it is even more of a pleasure. (Scorpyo)

16 thoughts on “Haliiax – When DK means “Dumb Knucklehead””

  1. both of u litteraly suck tooo freakin much i ve deleted u both with my udk u were blood and udk never seen such a low iq players

    1. I am not sure of what you are saying here. Could you try in English? This just doesn’t make any sense to me. I think you try to say that you killed both our Death Knights with a Death Knight? But not sure I understand it.

      Try in English, and please, do not hesitate to give me the name of this wonderboy so I can check.

      Have a nice evening.

      1. ahahha jewish cunts do i need to upload sc of yours raped dks @warmanecommunity ?it will refresh ur memories,aslo memories of many others who raped both of you delusional kidddos

        1. I still have troubles understanding your babbling. When you have such a wonderful IQ, why can’t you write something intelligible?

          Anyways, I just saw your name, Haliax, and I see who you are… You are the one we just 2v2 several times with your paladinfriends, right? Oh, right! you did manage to kill us a couple of times. Ooooh! And antisemite? I had more sympathy for Serbs before I knew you. Well, my little weakling… We did rape your sorry ass many times. The latest was… Well… Today! You and your boyfriend got our flag up your ass. Did you like it, little gay?

          You can post whatever you want in warmanecommunity, that’s your ass on the line. Not mine (I believe it is forbidden, but just give it a try and see what happens, Einstein… whoops, sorry, jewish name! Too high IQ for you).

          I’m gonna check some stats and you’ll hear from me soon.

          P.S.: And honestly, try to write in an intelligible way. You know: I (big letter), use apostrophe (the ‘ sign), try to write words, like “you” and “your”. I know, it can be difficult when you are as dumb as you are, but with a bit of effort, I’m sure you can do better.

          See you.

  2. true my english sucks just as your playstyle , I really dont care about what you think xD i mean u obviously you dont have any other arrgument to defend,you are stupid as fuck tottaly handless when it comes to 1v1 situations ,i mean u have addon for whispers ,that’s a new level of mental disorders ,lol ,i understand u are using that addon to prevent your suicide little pussy ,zahamoron furneli lol suicide squad

    1. What in heaven is “zahamoron furneli lol suicide squad”? I’m happy to know my play-style suck. It is still enough to take you down. How is it to be killed again and again by someone who sucks so much? What does that say about you? What is below “suck”?

      If you don’t care about what I think, why on earth do you spend so much time and energy first to find this blog through google and then to send these nonsense messages?

      It inspired me to an article that you can read on our blog. I’ve moved your comments below the article so you can find it easily even with your very limited capacities. They will stay as a monument over your stupidity so we can keep on laughing.

      Further comments won’t be answered as you don’t make any sense. But no worries, we’ll keep on pwning you. Enjoy your reading. See you out there.

  3. Alo ,I ve literally killed you two retarded whores over than a thousand times and u are still keep pushing your retarded delusional mission ,u are freaking mentally disturbed if u truly believe in what u say ,who are u grammar professor ? 2 pathetic fat whores tryin to be honorfull In a fucking wow give me a break lol I cant stop laughing at u two haahha

    1. Whatever you say, Einstein (I don’t understand at all the meaning of what you are saying). But anyway… As long as you keep on giving us honor… Just like you did no later than today. Be our guest. We will always be here to plant a flag up your ass. I guess you like it 🙂 My pleasure!

  4. elyotthegreat

    u should both delete wow,u realy dont know what is 1 v 1 fight,u will do better if u start gank lowbies,cause mighty elyot pwned few times two COMBAT rogues xD oh yes 1 v 2 hehe

    1. Hm… As far as I remember, your pitiful rogue was pwned several times by mine and by us. 1v1 and 1 v 2… For the rest, I don’t really understand what you are talking about. I have only one combat rogue, and she is horde. For what is about the rest of your babbling, it doesn’t make much sense. But one thing is sure: Obviously lesbian power > gay power.

      Have fun, girls!

      1. elyotthegreat

        im not gay i just did orgy with u two lesbs few days ago uf…elyot vs sheket and tsella eazy game

        1. Hm… Now… last I saw you, you were bubbling and hearthing and letting your gay boyfriend to die. And since you don’t know the difference between a sub and a combat rogue… You sound terribly noobish.

          If you’re not gay, why are you so focused on us being lesbians? Is it because you feel castrated? Oh… Poor you… No worries, honey, you’ll get our flag up your ass again. Just like you love it… Unless you bubble-hearth as usual.

  5. Ohh look,heavily brain damaged girls ,duel me in a fair fight or suck my dick ,prolly u have never felt it before ,disoriental freaks

    1. I don’t understand what you are saying. For your next comment (or for Elyot’s next comment). If it is not understandable, it will get spammed and you won’t be able to comment anymore. It should be easy to write something meaningful when you’re so freaking intelligent. Why don’t you show us a bit of this IQ you speak so much about?

      Besides, even if you are too dumb to be able to write, the rest of the world is not. And Google is not (it is crawling the net and checking all sites). And your comments, without any meaning, will be recorded as spam by Google and other search engines. In short: You’re so dumb, so even a bot can’t take you seriously. And if I keep on letting your stupid nonsense through, then our blog risks not to be taken seriously. And I won’t let that happen of course.

      So if your eventual next comments don’t make sense or are spelled in moronic language (“u” or “ur” and all this shit), don’t be surprised if it doesn’t come through. The filter is on and your comment won’t go through.

      Tell that to your husband or boyfriend or whatever too, because his language isn’t much better. I guess if we put both your IQ together, we just MIGHT get up to room temperature (20 degrees… meaning an IQ of 20. Just explaining it to you because I guess you wouldn’t understand it if I didn’t.)

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