The Flying Toaster

(28/10-2020) – Everything started almost a year ago, the 14 of October 2019. Ashlaya was leveling Niphel, her Arcane Mage, who by this time was level 44.

She was in Freewind Post, Thousand Needles, when this well geared Human Arms Warrior (36k), passed by and ganked her and everyone in the village.

Now, if you know us just a bit, you can imagine that we wouldn’t let this go unpunished. I switch to Mazal. She is my combat-rogue, and she was the only properly geared char I had at the time who could take a well-geared warrior down.

We couldn’t find him, so I put him on our watch list: I have a lvl 1 alliance and when such things happen, I put people on my friend-list. I use the add-on Holofriends so I have different groups (bots, revenge, gankers, etc.) and Toastytoast came into the list. Next time he’d come, he’d see.

We had to wait for the 25th of October 2019 before he showed up on our screen and in Thousand Needles and then, our special welcome comity received him: Mazal and Ashlaya’s Fire Mage (Ashlaya – it is the name of her fire mage and her main) went after him and he got killed. I believe we killed him a couple of times together and Mazal killed him alone a couple of times as well.

Then, Mazal was more needed in Thrallmar, so I moved her out and put my ungeared Assassination rogue, Sylnera, on the spot and I gave my now geared warrior, Scorpyo, HS in Freewind post, just in case.

From this time on, every time Toastytoast showed up in Thousand Needles, he was welcomed by Sylnera and Shorell (Ashlaya’s well geared combat rogue) or by Scorpyo.

At first, Toastytoast tried to fight Scorpyo, but lost pitifully each time. Most of the time, Scorpyo didn’t get under 60% health at most. He has a bigger problem fighting another warrior than ganking a level 40 or killing a level 60 Flight Master.

All in all, it has been a while since I have seen someone as mediocre as that.

Then, from the 22 of August 2020, something happened. What happened this day is that I saw he was in Hillsbrad Foothills. I guess he was ganking Tarren Mill, so I flew there with Scorpyo.

He was actually with a friend, a human Retribution Paladin with about 28k or 29k. I killed them both.

Since this day, his technic changed from being mediocre to just fleeing when he saw me.

I have my fire mage, Nathanaelle, guarding Tarren Mill, and she kills gankers when she sees them. Toastytoast met her, got barbecued pitifully and since this day is running away as soon as he sees her too.

Actually, the biggest problem at the moment is not to kill him, but to catch him. Boy, how this Ally can run!

Sometimes, he even gives us Sylvanas Music Box before jumping so we have some music. I never quite understood what he wanted to do with that, but anyway.

Once, when he was trying to escape Scorpyo’s wrath, he must have mashed some wrong keys because I got and the Music Box and Jeeves… Just in case I needed some repairs, I guess (and this didn’t save him, he died of trauma mid-air).

He still comes visit us from time to time in Freewind Post but it is getting rare and if he sees us, he runs away and then he laughs at us because he was soooo good, we couldn’t kill him… He has lowered the bar of his expectations…

The problem is not to kill him (it never was), but to catch him.

It looks like he also as a rogue, Kayssara, who is trying to gank the same place from time to time. And he is as bad at playing rogue than he is at playing warrior. My (then) halfgeared assassination-rogue, Sylnera, kills him every time.

See the video of the flying toaster down here.(Mazal)

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