Chainkilling of a ganker

(03/01-2021) – I found a new noob ganking Crossroads some days ago: Smellyhippie, a Dwarf rogue who, in his lifetime, up to today, have 215 honorable kills.

So I have him on my spy’s friend-list and when he shows up in the Barrens, I switch to my half-geared rogue, Sheket (Subtlety), find him and, generally kill him. I say “generally” because when I show up he prefers to run away and not come back before I logged off.

My friend, Zhella (also Subtlety), totally ungeared, came to help me sap him out of stealth and to get an easy kill or two.

Then I think he got furious at us stopping him from ganking, and he came to Crossroads with a well-geared Warrior, buffed up and all, with something between 45k and 51k HP (depending on buffs): Dirtyhippie.

We didn’t even try to take him with our low-geared and not-geared rogues. That would have been suicide and giving him honor he didn’t deserve.

So we switched to two of our geared rogues who could take such a warrior down. I switched to my Assassination rogue, Sylnera, and Nim switched to her Combat rogue, Shorell.

And we went on him.

We killed him four or five times before he found out he couldn’t kill us.

So he changed tactic: He rezzed, tried to kill as many NPC as he could before we killed him. What fun he could see in killing NPCs or low level, that don’t give honor, gold or anything… I am still wondering.

We chain killed his warrior over 60 times in a row, we had to switch to pee (many times, we could take him alone, no need being two anymore since he gave up on us) and from about 2PM to 6PM we just kept on killing him.

At about that time, there came a Blood Elf Death Knight with 22K who death gripped him from us like a nice noob Death Knight does. He didn’t get honor for it, happily (last clip on the video), and we agreed that when Dirtyhippie would rez, we will let the noob DK death-grip him and get killed before we would go on him.

It went exactly as planned, the idiot DK death gripped the warrior, got three-shotted and died like a moron. First after that, we went on him and killed him.

Then, we could see more people came, so fun was over for us. We left, and Dirtyhippie left shortly after.

I had my mage standing there for a while since I could see he still was in the Barrens, but he must have found another place to attack because he wasn’t in Crossroads anymore.

We had a lot of fun, got a lot of honor, and it looks like the whatever-hippie was glad just handing honor to us. I am not sure he had that much fun, unless he really thinks that killing NPC is worth it…

I guess that his cradle caught fire when he was a baby and his parents used a skillet to put the fire out with, and that was the result.

See you out there! (Mazal)

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  1. Dirtyhippie: Ah, oh, uh…
    Flag: boing
    Dirtyhippie: Ah, oh, uh…
    Flag: boing
    Dirtyhippie: Ah, oh, uh…
    Flag: boing
    etc… 😀 60 kills. That was fun.

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