Cleaning Trash Around Thrallmar

(11/10-2020) – There are several Alliance players who enjoy killing low levels. Some of them are coming from time to time and some other of them are regular. Therefore I’ve placed my rogue, Mazal, around Thrallmar. When I see someone gank, I put him on my friend-list on a level 1 Alliance Spy I have in a group called “gankers”. When I see them show up in my friend-list, depending on what I am doing at the moment, I try to come online and kill them (or at least I take part in the killing).

Most of the time, I plant the flag of ownership into their butt as an ultimate form of humiliation. These losers hate this. Therefore, some of them have learnt to release as soon as the killing has taken place, so they avoid it. I have to be quick at planting the flag sometimes.

And often, these gankers fly away or run away, or log off and sometimes, after several times using their asshole as a flagpole, they even disappear for a couple of weeks or even a couple of months, or even longer.

Here are some examples:

Apricotie: It was by chance (for me!) that I one day saw him in Thrallmar. He is a total loser and can only kill low levels and AFK’s (or very low geared). He was every day in Thrallmar for some weeks, and every time he showed up, I showed up and chain-killed him. After killing him over 70 times, he found out that he couldn’t do much. So instead of rezzing and coming back, if I killed him just once, he just logged off.

Then he disappeared for several months (over six months). He came back not that long ago, but only came a couple of times. I believe 6 or 7 times and now I don’t see him anymore.

Riddi: He is a human mage. He ganks low levels and low geared 80s. I’ve killed him several times. On 1 vs. 1, he never killed me (which means he is a bad mage because there is no way a mage can’t kill a rogue on 1 vs. 1 unless he’s badly geared and that is not the case). I did kill him once in 1 vs. 1 (which also is a sign that he is pretty bad at this). Otherwise, he killed me twice together with friends, and I killed him eight times together with friends.

His best trick is to leave when things are getting hot. He might be with some friends, he ganks, and when he can see that some Horde level 80 are showing up, he leaves, letting his “friends” to die.

Another and similar technic he uses is to come, kill the lowbies around Thrallmar and maybe one or two AFK 80s (or low geared 80) and then to run away back into Honor Hold or into a dungeon before people have time to react.

This is the only reason why he is hard to kill. Not because he is good, but because his timing is right and he is very good to flee (he’s way better at fleeing than at fighting). He is decent at his spec, but very far from good and not as good as he thinks.

Kirito: He is a human Death Knight, he only comes fully buffed. If we should compare him to Riddi, he is a better player at his class than Riddi at his. And I haven’t seen him kill a low level once. He might have done it, but I never saw it. I think he has some notion of honor. He kills low geared 80s but not only and doesn’t say no to a challenge.

I killed him 13 times whereas twice in 1 v 1. He only managed to kill me twice with his friends. He never managed to get me in 1 v 1.

I took the time to whisper him with a Death Knight (you can’t whisper with a level 1 in Warmane-Icecrown) telling him who I was and that he looked cute with my flag in his asshole and that we were looking forward to a long friendship.

After I killed him several times, he disappeared from Hellfire Peninsula. I saw him in Sholazar Bassin, where there is also a lot of ganking (but I don’t have anyone there) and then he was offline for a while (about one month). He came back to Hellfire at the beginning of October, but he doesn’t stay long since he gets killed easily.

There are a couple of trash around Thrallmar, but they are easily picked up and their ego is so fragile, that they learnt to keep away after one or two flags in their backside. (Mazal)

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